"To the soul, love is oxygen."  ~ Sri Kaleshwar

2018 Valentine's Day - Love & Relationship Success Fire Ritual  

Feb. 14th, 3-5pm PT 

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"To win the true love, how much you're loving your self, if you are loving somebody around you the same equal amount, the sharing of that love, that is the pure satya. That is your dharma. Then automatically your inner peace will develop. Once your inner peace will develop, automatically you will start to create a peace of mind, peace of heart and peace of soul. Completely peace, quietness, stitha pregnatha will start to grow in you."

~ Sri Kaleshwar



Surround yourself with love.  Positive relationships of all kinds make our soul happy.  We need the nectar of heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul relationships for our souls to grow. This Valentine's Day, use ancient healing technology of a fire ceremony to be free of what holds you back from loving yourself and to bring success in attracting the right relationships, improving communication in your relationships, and healing heartbreak. 

This February 14th, Valentine's Day, falls on one of the most powerful energetic times of the lunar calendar.  This New Moon is in the energy of Shivaratri, the night of Shiva.  It's a time of awakening.  This fire ceremony invokes a form of the divine masculine, Vishnu, who brings success and protection in any endeavor. Vishnu's consort, Lakshmi, bestows wealth of love, friendships, happy family life, and children.  Invoking their energy is calling on an astrological power house of Shiva/Shakti, divine masculine and divine feminine energy, to bless healthy, loving relationships of all kinds in your life.

Valentine's Day is for more than just romantic couples; it is also a celebration of all the people you love.  

Soul mates are a special kind of relationship. Soul mate relationships bring bliss and automatic healing and clarity.  Soul mates help us release pain and suffering we are holding, so we can be free and living in the present moment.  A soul mate can be romantic partner. Your soul mate can also be a good friend, sister, brother, mother, father, relative anyone who loves you unconditionally, and who you love unconditionally.  Miracle energy flows through soul mate relationships - and any relationship that uses soul mate mechanisms of truthful communication and unconditional love.


Love is the Right Medicine 

This fire ceremony is for anyone: 

  • In a romantic relationship or would like to be in a relationship 

  • Looking for your soul mate 

  • Wanting to improve communication & harmony in any relationship 

  • Healing from heartbreak
  • Sending a special blessing to a loved one, soul mate, or partner


Love & Relationship Success Fire Ritual 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018  

3 - 5 pm Pacific 

Free Live Streaming  

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Sacred Fire Ceremonies combine the sounds of divine vibrations from ancient Vedic mantras with the transformational power of the fire element for invoking God to fulfill and manifest your deepest desires.

Ancient healing technology works in such a way that you don’t have to be physically present - or watch  the live broadcast as  it's  happening -  to receive benefits. 

Include yourself in the fire ceremony ritual by offering a coconut. You will   receive a personalized healing transmission, and your prayers and intentions will be empowered with divine energy.


Offer a Coconut for Divine Energy To:

  • Improve communication and understanding with your spouse, family member, friend 

  • Send a blessing to a soul mate or loved one as an expression of your love and appreciation  

  • Heal from heartbreak 

  • Remove the karmas keeping you from attracting and finding your soul mate
  • Remove harmful influences affecting your relationships 

  • Release karmic patterns keeping you from being kind and loving to yourself 


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2018 Valentine's Day

Love & Relationship Success Fire Ritual  

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Power objects, yantras (sacred geometry), and blessing energy transmissions work  powerfully on all of  your chakras  and  your  soul. Each  special blessing  lifts your consciousness and  provides protection  from neg­a­tivity and disturbances to help you  maintain  clarity, inner peace, and  success in your efforts.

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2018 Valentine's Day 

Love & Relationship Success Fire Ritual  







"Wherever pure true love is, there is God."