Sri Kaleshwar's Sixth Mahasamadhi Celebration - March 15, 2018




"It’s such a thrill to be with the sadguru. He is your father, mother, brother, lover, sister, well-wisher, enemy, tricky man; he covers everything. And he’s your great protector. You think only sometimes about your master, but the master is always following you whatever you are doing.” ~ Sri Kaleshwar

Mahasamadhi Sacred Fire Ceremony 
Connecting to Sri Kaleshwar's Conciousness

Thurs, March 15, 2018

3-6 pm Pacific 

Free Live Streaming  


"Wherever you are

I am there,

wherever you go,

I will be there,

trust me, I am

your shadow.

I know how to take

care and protect.

I will protect you

forever and ever."

~ Sri Kaleshwar



"All my students are like my children. It’s a big attachment. I’m training them to walk out from the illusions.  Who really has the belief in me will get whatever they want. They’ll get whatever they want. If you really have an open heart and surrender to the force of your master and your master’s master and the Guru Parampara, then the Guru Parampara will take care of you. You must learn how to do this and then everything will automatically come to you."

~ Sri Kaleshwar


"Stop worrying about you. Let me worry about you. I will worry for you. That makes sense. Throw your weight on me. I’ll take care. Send a message by the Cosmic... I’ll take care. Stop worrying about yourself."

~ Sri Kaleshwar


Receive Blessings from the Master 

Join us in Celebrating and Connecting to Sri Kaleshwar's Soul

Sri Kaleshwar took mahasamadhi six years ago on March 15th in Penukonda, India.

One of the most powerful spiritual technologies is using the energetic time when a master took mahasamadhi to connect to their soul. During this time, the energy of that divine soul permeates the creation. They become intimately accessible to all whose hearts are open to them.  You can awaken during this time and gain tremendous spiritual power.  

Sri Kaleshwar is a saptarishi, one of seven holy sages who guide human life throughout the ages until all souls reach their destiny.   He said he would be infinitely more powerful to enlighten his students after he left his body, because he would be working on the consciousness level. 




Sri Kaleshwar's Sixth Mahasamadhi Celebration

Thursday, March 15, 2018 (Pacific Time) 

11 am - 12 pm - Healing Music (Bhajans) Concert

3 pm - 6 pm - Sacred Fire Ceremony (Puja) Connecting to Sri Kaleshwar's Consciousness 

Free Live Streaming  

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Join us for heart-opening bhajans and a powerful 3-hour sacred fire ceremony to connect to Sri Kaleshwar's consciousness.  Receive freedom from karma and whatever you need to awaken and fulfill your dharma.
We can awaken to Oneness.  We can live in a state of awareness of God Consciousness while doing our work in the world.  This is the most auspicious time for students to deepen their relationship with Sri Kaleshwar and for students to have their first experience of this miraculous divine soul. 


Receive Cosmic Energy to Your Soul  

Offer a Coconut to Sri Kaleshwar During the Fire Ceremony

Call the master with your heartwaves, the feeling of spiritual emotion inside you.  Offer a coconut to Sri Kaleshwar with your prayers for what you need to be free of in order to experience your true self. Think deeply on what you will ask Sri Kaleshwar to bless.  Think of what is holding you back, what you need to be happy, what you need to serve others more. 

Your name will be read out loud over the fire as a coconut infused (charged) with your prayers to Sri Kaleshwar is cracked and offered to the fire while a conch is sounded over Lake Kaleshwar. Your soul will receive a powerful energy transmission.

The ancient healing technology of a fire ceremony works in such a way that you don’t have to be physically present,  or watch  the live  broadcast as it's  happening,  to receive benefits. 

Include yourself in the fire ceremony (puja) by offering a coconut. You will  receive a personalized healing transmission, and your prayers and intentions to Sri Kaleshwar will be empowered with divine energy.

“The link to master is so, so important.
That link is faith in the master.
The master is always in stitha pragnata,
always loving you no matter what you do
or who you think you are.”

~ Sri Kaleshwar





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"If there is a disease there is a remedy…" ~ Sri Kaleshwar


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Accessing the Shiva/Shakti Energies

Four Yantras from the Parameshwari Yoga Palm Leaf Manuscript

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Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Adi Shankaracharya, and many other saints practiced the prayers and sacred energy formulas (channels) from the Parameshwari Yoga Palm Leaf Manuscript. 

“If you follow this information, you’ll connect to amazing supernatural cosmic energy, the Mother and Father. You’ll see amazing changes in your life,” Sri Kaleshwar said.  “The words came directly from the Mother’s lips."

Sri Kaleshwar gave a series of private teachings to Monika Penukonda and Nityaananda (Clint Thompson MD) in 2007 and 2008 on this manuscript. The teachings shared in this course are from these private recordings and personal notes.

Sri Kaleshwar instructed this knowledge be released after his mahasamadhi. 

In this one-of-a-kind course, you will learn how to read and draw four yantras from  pages 5, 6, and 8 of the Parameshwari Yoga palm leaf manuscript. Previous experience with the ancient knowledge is not required.  This Soul University course is presented in a self-paced online format for you to: 

  • Watch step-by-step videos to be able to draw 4 yantras accurately on paper:  a  Shiva-Shakti Union Yantra, 2 Mother Divine Yantras, and a  Shiva Lingam Yantra.
  • Learn the bijaksharas (seed power words) and all the information necessary to create these 4 yantras on metal - making new divine power objects that will continually bless your life.  

  • Understand  hidden  knowledge you need to know in order to go deeper with all the yantras in the Paramashvari Yoga manuscript. 

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Receive Cosmic Energy to Your Soul 

Offer a Coconut During the Maha Fire Ceremony

on Sri Kaleshwar's Mahasamadhi Day

“Love your master. Love your friend. Love everything. Go. See the reality. Every person is a piece of God. Every person’s soul is a piece of God. Make your soul bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. With your own hands you can come up. Everything is in your hands.”  ~ Sri Kaleshwar