Summer Soul University 2018

at the Divine Lineage Healing Center, Laytonville, California


Your soul has a purpose to fulfill in this life. 

As your soul’s capacity is awakened, your life's purpose is revealed.  

Two-week intensives to develop personal mastery through knowledge, implementation & experience.


2 Week In-person Intensive
Saturday, June 16 - Friday, June 29




2 Week In-person Intensive
Monday, July 16 - Sunday, July 29
(includes 3 day festival)

3 Day In-person Festival
Friday, July 27 - Sunday, July 29


2 Week In-person Intensive
Monday, Aug. 13 - Sunday, Aug. 26

Develop Mastery as a Divine Creator

Join us this summer for a series of onsite courses at the Divine Lineage Center, Laytonville, California to awaken and develop your divine energy channels. 

These courses support serious students of the Ancient Knowledge to immerse themselves in the teachings, shakti-energy processes, healings, and initiations. Open to both advanced and beginning students.

Through these courses, you can develop mastery of the spiritual knowledge that the ancient rishis (sages) practiced and implemented in the world. These powerful practices are from the ancient palm leaf manuscripts shared with the world by Sri Kaleshwar (1973 - 2012).

As your soul awakens and develops mastery, you become a messenger for the Divine Mother and can help create peace and harmony on the planet.


The Divine Lineage Center - Power Spot for Advanced Processes and Teachings to Uplift Humanity

Come and be a part of any or all of these new onsite Soul University courses at the Divine Lineage Center. This Center is a spiritual hermitage and power spot that makes make it possible for spiritual students to:

  • grow spiritually and have enlightenment experiences  

  • dive deeply into ancient knowledge from the palm leaves that can only be shared in person 

  • perform powerful sadhanas (spiritual practices) in nature
  • complete meditation processes (sadhanas) that can only be done on a power spot or in the pure nature 

  • create their own personal power spot 

  • experience and grow the capacity to engage with the Divine Mother's miraculous Nature, Her miraculous energy that makes anything possible 

  • learn and implement advanced teachings and energy from the ancient energy (shakti) channels as a way of serving and uplifting humanity


Additional Private Soul Healing Sessions & Initiations