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Healing Blessing Transmissions

Special 'healing blessings' pujas and processes are a powerful way to receive energy directly to your soul to bless you with spiritual boons, to purify the effects of negative karmas, and bring lasting healing to you and your family. These blessings are possible solely through the grace of Sri Kaleshwar, the Divine Lineage of masters, and the Divine Mother. Learn More



From the Divine Lineage Healing Center, a power spot that was created to generate healing and miracle energy, we conduct long-distance meditation programs, monthly in-person retreats, personalized long-distance and in-person healings, and Full and New Moon fire ceremonies implementing the sacred formulas of the palm leaf manuscripts to transmit healing and blessing energy... Learn More



Yantras from the palm leaf manuscripts are soul diagrams with the highest divine energy. For millennia, the saints in India have surrounded themselves with yantras to pull Cosmic energy into their soul and their environment, creating high protection circles and making the chakras vibrate with high positive energy. Yantras are a powerful tool for any spiritual seeker wanting more experience... Learn More


Power Objects

You might think, 'Why do I need a power object?' If you want to cross the river, you need a small boat with a small stick or a little branch. It's one hundred percent necessary. Power objects can pull certain things in front of you; certain things (the power object) can make it happen in a proper way. You can connect to Mother Divine through any power object. Mother Divine stays in power objects...Learn More