2019 Shivaratri Begging Bowl Process 



"Baba could give anything from his begging bowl. It was his akshyapatramu. It is purely kapala. To our eyes it’s a begging bowl. It’s a begging bowl but it’s really purely kapala, kapala dhara. Whenever Baba wanted he could get from it whatever he wanted.” ~ Sri Kaleshwar

Sacred Fire Ceremony 
Shivaratri Night 

Mon, March 4, 2019
3-5 pm Pacific
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Shiva is the one who will take blocks, limitations and problems from you.





"If you’re smart in the Shiva energy during these couple of days (Shivaratri), making the focus, you can cut off the string of negativity from many, many lifetimes. It can go out." 

~ Sri Kaleshwar





"Merging with Shiva is nothing but merging with the elements completely. There is no sensation. You won’t feel anything, just quiet, amazing bliss and amazing peace. A layer of peace is covering around you. It’s the same as when you’re in the mother’s womb. Once you’re in the mother’s womb there’s nothing but bliss there." 

~ Sri Kaleshwar



The Shivaratri Begging Bowl Process 
Implement an Ancient Spiritual Mechanism with Shiva Sai to be Free of Karma

Shirdi Baba is Shiva Sai, an incarnation of Shiva who lived in Shirdi until his mahasamadhi in 1918. 

Every day, Baba begged from the villagers using a begging bowl. There was an inner mechanism to this. Baba was really taking the karmas of his devotees when they gave him food. Baba’s begging bowl was not what it appeared to be. It was really his akshyapatramu, or kapala - Shiva’s inexhaustible vessel through which Shiva can take and give anything.



Maha Sacred Fire Ceremony on Shivaratri
Offer a Coconut 

Monday, March 4, 2019
3-5  pm Pacific
Free Live Streaming  
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Although he had the spiritual power to manifest any wealth, Baba begged door-to-door to demonstrate how to offer to Shiva.  First, give to God. Then you can experience the miracle blessing of Shiva taking karma and blessing moksha. 

As a participant of this process, your only job is to recognize the problems and sufferings that only you know. Then, open your heart to Shiva Sai and see what he does. Charged with your own recognition and consciousness, the more specific you can be in writing your sankalpam (prayer) for this process, the better. 


Examples of Karma to Offer to Shiva Sai on Shivaratri:

  • unworthiness
  • insecurity 
  • always feeling left out 
  • jealousy 
  • drug addiction 
  • heartbreak  
  • repetitive anxiety 
  • self-doubt
  • fear


How to Join this Process - A Note About Giving Dakshina to Baba

“In order to teach devotees the lesson of charity and to remove their attachment to money and so to purify their minds, Baba extracted dakshina from them. But there was this peculiarity: Baba said that he had to give back a hundred times more of what he received!” ~ Sri Sai Satcharitra

The price for joining this process is open-ended for a reason. As a participant of this process, you’re asking to be free of something and for Shiva to take it. The amount you give is symbolic of your relationship to God and what you’re asking for, and should be at least $54.  The more you give, the more you receive. 

Your dakshina will also go towards Summer 2019 Seva works at Divine Lineage Center to expand and upgrade the sacred fire (dhuni) here. Any amount given will not only enhance your Shivaratri prayers, but your connection to this power spot and the healing and blessings that come from the use of the Divine Lineage dhuni.  


Offer A Coconut with Your Karmas to Shiva During the Fire Ceremony
Be Free of What is Holding You Back











(Minimum Dakshina $54)



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You will receive an energy transmission during the Maha Shivaratri Sacred Fire Ceremony with your special blessing.


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