Sacred Fire Ceremonies (Pujas) for Healing & Raising Divine Consciousness



Puja Is The New Yoga
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Sacred Fire Ceremonies 
Every Full Moon and New Moon

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Agni is the fire element.  Fire is life and it often signifies love.

Once you know how to handle the fire, you are a great healer, number one. Number two, you don’t need any healer in your life, you don’t need any help from anybody. You don’t need any master. Just you, yourself. A great master is in you, you can pull that out. You can create your own protection circles when you keep taking off with the different things; step-by-step, with practice, it will go. Until you receive that, it’s good to handle the energy in a proper way, to receive the guidelines from the master.  

~ Sri Kaleshwar




To suck a lot of positive energy, there is only one high super process that you need, that is the fire ceremony. You have to use that. It takes your pain out and burns it.

~ Sri Kaleshwar





Fire Ceremonies  
Purify the Earth, Sky, Water, and Air

Agnihotra (fire ceremonies) purifies the air from pathogenic bacteria, reduces harmful chemicals in the air like NOx and SOx, and also reduces the quantity of particulate matter in the air (which is harmful for our respiratory system)… (it also) removes pathogenic bacteria from water…just proximity to Agnihotra fire (fire puja) is helping to purify water. 

- Dr. Ulrich Berk





The yagna (fire ceremony) seems to have  accelerated the process of seed germination, and also the microbial presence in air, water and soil in and around the region of the fire ritual is vastly diminished.

- Excerpt from Ancient Fire Ritual has Positive Impact on Environment: Scientists (2011, June 14) The Hindu



Releases Stress & Pain, Solves Problems 

Tell all your problems, your unhappiness, your heart pain, and what you deeply want, tell everything to the fire. The fire will remove your problems.  

~ Sri Kaleshwar


Increases Self-Awareness, Intuition, Fulfilling Your Purpose

The flame is the tiny symbol of the huge light of God. Seeing the fire with our two eyes gives us a huge benefit. When you watch the fire you are sucking that energy through your eyes. You are getting the benefit and it is going to your heart, which means it is going to your soul.

If you keep seeing the light, just seeing the candle flame, just doing the deep silence process (pujas, prayers), after a few hours, a few weeks, a few months, without your notice, that light is you. It is an unbelievable mechanism––a soul mechanism.

~ Sri Kaleshwar





Manifests Your Prayers In Creation

A sacred fire ceremony is  like the highest radio wave (transmitting) energy. It works automatically to send the person the highest positive energy. It can go anywhere. 

~ Sri Kaleshwar




Connects You With the Unity of All Life

If we choose the spiritual path, we can light yet another fire, an Eighth Fire, and begin an extended period of Peace and healthy growth.  

- Grandfather William Commanda, Algonquin Elder

The Most Powerful Spiritual Practice You Can Do 

Sacred fire ceremonies - fire pujas - are one of the most powerful self care practices you can do.  Looking into the fire clears stress and negativity. This creates space for creativity and abundance to flow.  When we do this together with the power of sacred sounds (mantras/prayers) the results are amazing.

Fire pujas generate shakti, divine power.  Through fire ceremonies we receive divine power and manifest what is needed for ourselves and the world.  They are powerful remedies. When you participate in fire puja, your soul receives positive cosmic energy equal to healing from 1,000 of the most powerful healers.  You feel relaxed, refreshed, and at your energetic best afterwards. 

This ancient healing technology is rooted in the ancient palm leaf and Vedic knowledge of India and is practiced by millions of people today.  Fire ceremonies have been performed since the beginning of time to solve problems and fulfill desires. The sacredness of fire is universal to all spiritual traditions – a flame, a candle – is the living symbol of the Divine.   A flame automatically touches the heart and connects us to the light from which we came and the light hidden in the heart of each human being.  Fire is life and it often signifies love.   


Why Sacred Fire Ceremonies Are So Powerful

The fire is a channel of consciousness. Agni is the God energy of fire.  This natural element is a means to create from the formless world of God's energy, pure consciousness, through our prayers and offerings to manifest what is needed in the material world we see every day. When we look at the soft light  of a candle, the warmth of fire place for example, or glow of a campfire, we are more receptive to letting go of what is holding us back.  This letting go opens space for God to create something beautiful and new its place. 

The fire element sets the atmosphere for opening our hearts to communicate with God. When we look into a fire with an open heart, a channel opens to touch the divine's transforming power to send energy where it's needed most. You can communicate with the divine in whatever form and name that speaks to you through the fire to bring health, happiness, protection and prosperity.


Why Should I Join A Sacred Fire Ceremony 

The divine vibrations created in a fire ceremony nourish your body and soul and uplift the world in so many ways. They benefit you, your loved ones, the animals, and earth all at the same time.  Scientific studies have proven that fire ceremonies restore nutrients and balance in the air we breathe,  water  we drink, and soil in which we  grow  our food. Even the effects of natural disasters can be healed through fire ceremonies. 
During fire ceremonies we chant sacred sounds, Sanskrit and Telugu mantras (prayers). Modern science has also shown that chanting alone has many health benefits including reducing anxiety and fatigue, decreasing blood pressure, and increasing oxygen and alpha waves in the brain.   The combination of sacred sounds, shared positive intention, and the fire element is the mechanism that makes this ancient healing technology so remarkable. The Vedas say, heal the atmosphere  and the  atmosphere  will heal you. Every fire  ceremony is healing for us and  the planet.

You can do a fire ceremony to transform karma for any personal, family, community, or global need.   Join a fire ceremony and offer a coconut with your prayers to: 

  • Release stress, negativity, stuck energy 

  • Heal grief and a broken heart 

  • Heighten spiritual growth 

  • Manifest material wealth  

  • Boost business success 

  • Provide protection 

  • Solve problems 

  • Wash out depression and feelings of personal failure 

  • Nourish your soul with positive vibrations 

  • Strengthen willpower and mental clarity 

  • Revitalize skin, purify blood, renew brain cells 

  • Purify the environment of toxins, germs, radioactivity 

  • Enhance the soil, increase crop production, bring rain 

  • Reconnect with the earth and elements 

  • Create peace, hope, and inspiration


Refresh Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Every Full Moon and New Moon

Free live streaming broadcasts on our homepage, YouTube, and Facebook

Simply watching a fire ceremony will refresh your energy and fill you with peaceful, healing vibrations.  

The Full Moon and New Moon are lunar power times when your chakras, the energy centers in your body, are open and most receptive to healing and changing karmic patterns. This is an ideal time to use fire ceremonies to increase protection from stress and negativity and receive divine blessings for personal and spiritual growth.  The divine vibrations and healing smoke created during fire ceremonies are so beneficial and needed in the world today we perform them every two weeks, on the Full and New Moons, for healing, manifesting, and raising divine consciousness. 

Participate as you need, or join every month to maintain your positive energy from one moon to the next.  

Whether you are seeking health benefits, business success, or opening to new possibilities of who you are, a sacred fire ceremony will help. 

What Do You Need Most? 

Join to Offer a Coconut to the Fire

This ancient healing technology works in such a way that you will receive a direct benefit and soul blessing by participating no matter where you are in the world.  You don’t have to be physically present,  or watch  the live  broadcast as it's  happening,  to receive benefits. 
Include yourself in the fire ceremonies by offering a coconut. You will  receive a personalized healing transmission, and your prayers and intentions will be empowered with divine energy.  You can also offer a coconut on behalf of friends and loved ones. 





What People Are Saying…

The live-streamed ceremonies are a lifeline. They strengthen my intuition fast and provide so much clarity, and I could not do without you all running the processes.

- Jai Dharam, Accountant, USA

Whether I am able to watch the live streaming or not, it is always a deep, soothing soul and heart healing experience. The vibrations I am feeling and receiving every time are incredibly uplifting and make me feel so light and happy, so peaceful and full of joy. All this helps me a lot to bring more love and consciousness in my everyday life, to my family and my surroundings. Thank you all for your beautiful work! Keep it up!! 

- Maria Gucher, Event Manager and Yoga Teacher, AUSTRIA

We spoke on Friday morning. The puja was on Saturday afternoon My house was shown to perspective buyers on Sunday. On Monday they gave me an offer. On Tuesday, I gave them a counter offer, which they accepted. We will open escrow tomorrow. Done! Good job! Great puja! Thanks to the Guru Parampara and many thanks to you and your team. 

- Karen Michaels, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, USA

WOW!  I have been involved in very intense deep spiritual work for many years, so I am familiar with energy work.  The energy during the fire puja was powerful, and remarkable.  I felt a dismantling of things that had been holding me back.  Over the next few weeks I noticed as some mental habits that had previously plagued me began to wash away, leaving me more peaceful and joyful.  It is such a blessing to have these processes available from my living room! 

- Catherine Chase, MA, Social Worker and Spiritual Healer/Teacher, USA


Special Blessings For Your Soul

  • Special Fire Ceremony Remedies 

Special fire ceremonies are designed to empower you, remove effects of negative karmas, and bring lasting healing to you and your family.  These energy transmissions are tailored to specific needs and available during every Full and New Moon Fire Ceremony and other auspicious energetic times of the year.  Learn more 


  • Abundance, Prosperity, Protection and Success 

Prosperity of all kinds is necessary in the world today.  Increase the flow of abundance and energetic support for protection and success in your endeavors with fire ceremonies. In addition to the Full and New Moon Fire Ceremonies, we offer 2-hour ceremonies that send a specific arrow of positive energy to remove negativity and help you achieve spiritual, personal, and business goals.  These ceremonies, and all fire ceremonies, also create positive change for people on a global scale. Learn more:  

Abundance & Prosperity (Maha Lakshmi) Sacred Fire Ceremony - Full Moons

Protection & Success (Sudarshana) Sacred Fire Ceremony - New Moons 


  • Personalized Sacred Fire Ceremonies 

Personalized sacred fire ceremonies are created on an individual basis to meet your unique needs. After a private consultation, these fire ceremonies are live streamed on a private, password-protected channel for you and anyone you would to join you. Write to us to request more information.


Free Online Mantra Recordings & Fire Ceremony Resources! 

We invite you to learn more about the ancient healing technology of fire pujas, and holy baths (abisheks), with our free self-paced, online course.  Enroll today for free!  Full Moon and New Moon Sacred Ceremonies, Online Course.


Love is the beginning of every miracle.

Pray for others. Pray for peace. Pray with love.  

Please join us in creating  divine vibrations for  peace and happiness!


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Join and Offer a Coconut 

Refresh Your Body, Mind, and Soul