Womb Chakra Yantra

The Womb Chakra Yantra benefits include: 

  • Purifies and strengthens your womb chakra
  • Heals heartbreak
  • Helps develops your clarity consciousness and healing abilities 

Keep this yantra for yourself or give this yantra to someone who is having relationship problems or unable to handle their sexual energy in a positive way.  

Especially helpful for teenagers who need support handling the onset of sexual energy.  

Product Specifications:

Yantra is drawn on a 12” x12” copper or silver metal sheet and charged in a special puja process directly from ancient palm leaf manuscript teachings shared with the world by Sri Kaleshwar. Silver intensifies the power and vibrations of this sacred yantra even more.

Yantra is shipped in a 12.5” x 12.5” plexiglass frame with key hole

Price: $504.00
Product Image