Sudarshana Yantra For Protection on Silver

Teachings on the Sudarshana Yantra: 

The Sudarshana Yantra is the highest divine weapon of Lord Mahavishnu.  

Sri Kaleshwar said, “The form of the Sudarshana Yantra is necessary. Lord Mahavishnu is very kind, very sympathetic, his nature is love, ‘Whoever prays to me, within days, I’ll be there in his house. I’ll give the blessings to those who pray on me.’“ 

If you keep the Sudarshana Yantra in your home it provides the greatest protection circles. 

The energy angels of the Sudarshana Yantra can cut off any negativity.


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Participant's name is read aloud and conch is blown during puja while coconut (charged with personalized sankalpam) is offered to fire.

Package of pure coconut ash from fire puja process for healing and meditation to be sent following puja. 

Sudarshana yantra on COPPER drawn by Nityaananda and charged especially for participant by Monika and Nityaananda during this puja. 

60-minute private video call with Nityaananda to personalize puja for individual needs.

Yantra is shipped in a 12.5” x 12.5” plexiglass frame with key hole

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Price: $5,004.00
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