Maha Durga Yantra on Copper


The Maha Durga Yantra is from  the Parameshwari Yoga ancient palm leaf manuscript. The Divine Mother is showing Her sat chakras and their composition in sound in this yantra. The Maha Durga Yantra brings the pure vibrations of creation into whatever environment it is placed, and it brings you closer to the Divine Mother.

"Here, I’m presenting a palm leaf from an ancient manuscript of Mother Divine’s sat chakras that show Jesus’ name. There are words written on the different chakras on this palm leaf. In the hrudaya (heart) chakra, it says ya; in the third eye, jī to the right of the third eye sa. On the nose, s. Jī-sa-s. Jesus.

Even if you just look at the word jī in the third eye of Mother Divine’s face, that’s enough. I really recommend to look at this leaf (yantra) and keep a copy of it in your house as a good friend."

~ Sri Kaleshwar


Product Specifications:

Yantra is drawn on a 12” x 12” copper or silver metal sheet and charged in a special puja process directly from ancient palm leaf manuscript teachings shared with the world by Sri Kaleshwar. Yantra is shipped in a 12.5” x 12.5” plexiglass frame with keyhole.  (Note: Total shipping cost will appear on final checkout screen)

Available on silver too!


Price: $1,499.00
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