Jesus Christ (JC) Yantra

Sri Kaleshwar Teachings on the JC Yantra:

"Jesus Christ’s soul witnessed that. Jesus’ soul yantra is a symbol to win all the divine channels. 

Once you really understand it, you can win the Asta Siddhis, know Mother Divine, win Jesus, win Dattatreya. Everything is there in one yantra. 

This is the complete Creation – life and death. Through a fire puja you will receive that energy to your soul. That’s a major high healing; you’ll receive high vibrations from Jesus."

Product Specifications:

Yantra is drawn on a 12” x12” copper or silver metal sheet and charged in a special puja process directly from ancient palm leaf manuscript teachings shared with the world by Sri Kaleshwar. Silver intensifies the power and vibrations of this sacred yantra even more.

Yantra is shipped in a 12.5” x 12.5” plexiglass frame with key hole

Price: $700.00
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