The Holy Womb Process - Austin Introductory Event


Join Ramakrishna Jenkins as he teaches the introductory course to the Holy Womb Process™, a powerful ancient energy system being taught in Austin for the first time.

For millennia, people worshipped the Divine Mother’s womb. They recognized the womb was the sacred place we all came from, the source of all life and all possibilities. It is the Divine Mother’s creative power, through which She can manifest anything. It is the supernatural creative power of the Divine Mother hidden in every soul. Through your Womb Chakra you can create anything.

The entire Creation is hidden in you. Miraculous energy is hidden in you. It is hidden in the most powerful chakra in the human body, your Womb Chakra. This chakra is beyond all chakras and is a direct link, the direct channel, to Mother Divine's creation capacity.

Every human being, both men and women, has a Womb Chakra in their soul but women also have a physical womb. This is a special gift from the Divine as it gives her the ability to give birth. This ability, whether she has given birth or not, is what, according to Vedic philosophy, makes women more powerful than men. They have the power to create another life inside their body.

Your Womb Chakra is your ‘creativity center’, through which you can creating anything in your life and in the world. It is the spark of creation that makes anything possible. A soul with brilliant creativity, radiance and supernatural ability has a powerful, purified Womb Chakra.


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