Sri Kaleshwar Darshan Remote Program

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 (PDT)

Holy Milk Bath (Abishek) 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Healing Blessing Fire Ceremony 5:00pm - 6:00pm  


During this fire ceremony we will offer our prayers to Sri Kaleshwar through the fire element. Your name will be read out loud as a conch is blown and a coconut is cracked and offered to the fire in your name. Send us the blessing, or sankalpam, you are asking Sri Kaleshwar to bless you with. 

You can receive the energy transmission of this fire ceremony even if you are unable to participate online live during the process.

As part of this event you will receive:

  • Participate in satsangs and medtiation proceses.
  • Attend in-person in Sri Kaleshwar Darshan holy bath and energy transmission  

  • Special process to connect to Tryambakeshwara, a sacred power spot and home of one of the twelve jyotir lingams of India 

  • Fire ceremony energy transmission 

  • Tulsi seed japa mala power object blessed at the Tryambakeshwara Temple in Nasik, India 

  • Private channel to view events live: Experience Sri Kaleshwar dar­shan and the remote healing energy transmissions via live stream­ing video close up image of Dat­ta­treya statue con­tin­u­ously receiv­ing the holy milk bath followed by the fire ceremony. These broadcasts will take place on a private channel. 


Learn more about how Sri Kaleshwar created the Divine Lineage Healing Center as a Power Spot.


Price: $108.00
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