Sai Shakti Healing Seminar

A Course for Healers

Friday, February 26th 1:00pm through Sunday, February 28, 2016

A three-day in-person retreat taught by Monika & Nityaananda (Clint Thompson, MD)

 at the Divine Lineage Healing Center, Laytonville CA


Soul Healing is the Real Healing

There’s an unbelievable huge light hidden in you. Through certain spiritual processes you can grow and bring that light up. Once your light increases everything is possible. That light is your soul energy. You just need the proper knowledge, the right guidelines and practices.

Everyone wants happiness, health and love in their life. However, we live in a time when negativity is running wild and the world is shaking.

There is help in these troubled times to return to joy, health and the flow of divine energy through Sai Shakti Healing.


What is Sai  Shakti Healing?

Sai Shakti Healing is an ancient science of the soul. Through transmitting energy to the energy centers of the body, dust, debris, or blockages from heartbreaking or negative experiences can be removed. By gently returning to the natural state of being, healing takes place from the inside out.


What You Will Lean and Practice

  • How to decharge more fully and deeply through the five elements.
  • Hands-on healing techniques utilizing the ‘energy treasure spots’ of the human body.
  • Sat Chakra healing, clearing and charging.
  • Fundamentals of distance/remote healing techniques.
  • Approaches to combining hands-on sessions with distance or remote healing techniques.
  • Fundamentals of using fire pujas for healing others.
  • Healing heartbreak and creating strongest heart chakra.
  • Creating and maintaining protection circles for the healer, and for others.
  • Fundamentals for healing addictions.

Due to hands-on, experiential nature of this program, space is strictly limited to five (5) participants.


The course is now full and a waiting list is available. Please send an email to to be added to the waiting list.


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