Pujas for Peace Manual Registration

Offering a coconut with your prayers strongly empowers your prayers and intentions. A coconut contains all five elements plus divine consciousness. Sri Kaleshwar called the coconut the ‘6th element.’ “The whole universe is hidden in the coconut …The coconut has three ‘eyes’, like a human being. The coconut is Brahma Consciousness... Unbelievable mechanisms are running in the coconut. You can win everything through a coconut. You can give enlightenment through the coconut… The saptarishis got the information about coconuts and wrote it on the palm leaves. Jesus used it too.”

When a coconut charged with your prayers is cracked open and offered into the fire, your prayers are released with ‘new’ air and water inside into the creation for the first time. As the elements join together, angel energy is released. The healing energy created during the fire puja radiates throughout the atmosphere, fulfilling your desires and creating peaceful vibrations in the world.

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