Tulsi Seed Mala Connecting to Trayambakeshwara, India

Nasik is one of the Kumbha Mela sites in India. The temple in Tryambakeshwara has one of the twelve jyotir lingams of India. The extraordinary feature of this lingam is that on it there are three lingams/ three faces representing Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, which is Dattatreya. 

Remarkably, there is a natural abishek that is constantly occurring on the lingam, from a sacred pond where the River Ganga takes her route to the rest of India. Both the Mother, in the form of Ganga, and Lord Shiva are together here. Tryambakeshwara is also a Shiva/ Shakti power spot.

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Tulsi Seed Japa Mala (beads 0.3" diameter) from the Tryambakeshwara Temple in Nasik, India.

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