Shirdi Baba Murthi Power Object Connecting to Shirdi, India

The Blessings of Connecting to Shirdi Baba
(from forward to new English rendering of “The Sri Sai Satcharitra”)

Shirdi Baba was an avadhut, living in the state of pure consciousness. The avadhut lives in the awareness of Aham Brahmasmi—everything is God. They are one with all of Creation. They are in the awareness of this ultimate reality even while living in a body. They are a little off from this planet. They are outside the boundaries of time and space, yet are completely present to everything that is taking place. They have sankalpam siddhi––what they say happens. Whatever they say comes to pass. They have a special relationship with the Nature; they can command on the Nature. They can make the rain start and the wind stop or make fire appear out of the earth as Baba did with his miraculous stick. Or turn water into oil using the spit from his mouth. Baba was the supreme miraculous master, miracles happened spontaneously around him all the time. They are still happening today.  Shirdi Baba is Shiva Sai, the Divine Father looking out for us all, protecting us, guiding us, loving us. All he asks is that we think of him. Remember him. Cast your problems to him; he will take care. Try to see and experience him for yourself. 



Participants will receive the following items, all from Shirdi Baba’s samadhi in Shirdi India: 

  • Solid bronze murthi of Shirdi Baba blessed on Baba’s samadhi and charged in the blessed water of Lake Kaleshwar (approximately 3" - 4" height) 

  • A neem leaf from the neem tree sitting atop of Baba’s gurustan
  • A cloth blessed on Baba’s mahasamadhi
  • Prasad - sugar candy - blessed on Baba’s mahasamadhi
  • Udi - holy ash from Baba’s dhuni, burning continuously now for more than 150 years
  • A printed soft-bound copy of the new English rendering of Baba’s life stories, The Sri Sai Satcharitra, by Hemadpant, rendered by Monika of Penukonda


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Price: $702.00
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