murthi 102

Connecting to Dattatreya for Protection and Success with Dattatreya Murthi

Dattatreya uses consciousness to change the negative to positive. He is the character to switch it.  Dattatreya is the most amazing powerful person that can stop any illusion… He’s always carrying the miraculous Shakti. Sri Kaleshwar 

This special puja is to receive the blessings of the Dattatreya energy. Dattatreya is the final peak stage in the spiritual journey -- Immortal Enlightenment. At this stage, you have a unique relationship with the Divine Mother. Nature – all of life, becomes cooperative with you. Nature responds and you receive whatever you need. You can change something negative into something positive. Dattatreya is the only energy that can transform the negative illusions of this time. Shirdi Baba and Jesus are the highest examples embodying Dattatreya energy.   

Participants will receive the following items: 

  • Solid bronze murthi of Dattatreya charged in the blessed water of Lake Kaleshwar and in special processes at the Dattatreya Temple at the Healing Center (approximately 5.5" - 6.5" height) 
  • Altar picture of the Dattatreya murthi at the Healing Center
  • A printed soft-bound copy of the new English language version of Baba’s life stories, “The Sri Sai Satcharitra,” by Hemadpant, newly rendered by Monika of Penukonda.

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Price: $1,008.00
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