Offer a Coconut in Your Mother’s Name

Doing spiritual and charitable work in your mother’s name brings healing and peace to her soul. Naturally, your soul will benefit too. A coconut is a special seed of divine consciousness and pure love. You can offer a coconut in your own mother’s name.  You can also offer coconuts in the name of your grandmothers, for all mothers everywhere, and in honor of the Divine Mother and healing our connection to Her.

During the fire ceremony, your mom’s name will be read aloud over the fire while a conch is blown and the coconut (charged with your prayers and wishes for mom) is placed in the fire in her name. Sacred mantras and offerings will be given to the fire in her name too. Her soul will receive a powerful blessing.
Dads, involve the kids!

Give mom a divine gift this Mother’s Day.  Involve your children in writing a blessing or healing they would like mom to receive. This is a powerful way for the whole family to receive blessings through the ceremony. You could watch the sacred fire ceremony together and listen to send your own prayers into the fire when they hear their mom’s name.

When you offer a coconut, you have the option to upload your personal prayer and healing need for your mom with her picture.

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