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Winning the Mother's Heart Lotus Seed Mala Power Object Charged by Sri Kaleshwar

Love is the way and the destination.

“We need to know the Mother’s love and bliss…The Mother is clear nectar,” Sri Kaleshwar said, “By grace of Mother everybody will enjoy the fragrance of Her true love. She’ll do it. I have confidence. But you have to win Her heart.”

Once you win the Mother’s heart, Sri Kaleshwar said, “You can start to open the hearts of thousands of people, through Her energy and love that has filled you to overflowing.” We need to love one another and not hurt anyone’s heart. “We all belong to one family. That family is a universal family. There is only one fruit! Come, share and eat it. That fruit is the Kingdom of Love.”

Participants will receive the following items:

Finding Happiness Through the Heart of Our Divine Mother is a journey into your heart and the heart of the amazing divine feminine aspect of God. Profoundly healing, deeply relaxing, each meditation is a blessing energy experience that raises your soul frequency to greater peace, happiness, and divine love. This meditation and contemplation series is perfect for women and men, for those just beginning a meditation practice, and experienced meditators alike. ...Read more

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