Introduction to the Bhairavi Yogas

with Monika of Penukonda


Friday, July 1st  1:00pm PDT – Monday, July 4th, 2016 4:00pm PDT

"You need to understand the Shiva/Shakti illusions. We need clarity of mind to understand the real Mother and Father. This is who you are really coming from, to know who you really are. This is the goal of the Bhairavi Yogas." - Sri Kaleshwar

Through the Bhairavi Yogas human consciousness is transformed into divine consciousness, and the body is transformed into a power object that blesses the world.

"A majority of what Jesus Christ practiced in his life was the inner secrecy of the Womb Chakra mechanism, how to implement the Womb Chakra. The womb chakra is nothing but the creativity part of a divine soul and normal human beings also. Everyone’s carrying that chakra in them and especially women are carrying it." - Sri Kaleshwar

Understanding the Shiva/Shakti illusions is to understand how the male and female energies are operating in the Creation: inside us, in our relationships, and in connecting with the Divine Mother and Father. It helps you to be able to peacefully communicate with your real Mother and have that channel until your soul merges with Her.

Operating the energies of a purified Womb Chakra with our Brahma consciousness enables us to make the impossible possible. It also connects us to our soul mates so we can experience unconditional love in our relationships. Through sacred partnerships, the nectar of right relationship, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul connections is realized.


Babaji and spiritual partner, Mataji, a Bhairavi Mata


Subjects to Be Discussed:
  • Mother Mary’s spiritual training as a Bhairavi Mata
  • How a woman can embody the Divine Mother's energy like Mary 
  • Understanding and handling the Shiva/Shakti energy 
  • Understanding the Father and Mother Union Energy 
  • Kama 
  • Womb Chakra Mechanisms 
  • Implementing the Womb Chakra 
  • Sacred Partnership - the nectar of right relationship, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul connections 
  • Soul Mates 
  • Jiva samadhi and soul travel

 Through sacred partnerships we can do wonders.


Course Yantra:

Entering the Mother's Chakras

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