Additional Black Shiva Lingams

Offered for the First Time! Black Shiva Lingams Charged by Sri Kaleshwar

"That black stone has proven to have a lot of energy channels. It is carrying unbelievable strong magnetic power, the exact magnetic power to wash your negativity. That magnetic power absolutely sucks your negativity on the spot; it dissolves your inner soul negativity. Even just touching a Shiva Lingam and doing certain Vedic prayers, you can suck huge energy. In the universe, the highest power is the Shiva Lingam. With it you can create light, and incredible, supernatural abilities."

- Sri Kaleshwar


These are priceless healing, power, and enlightenment tools charged directly by Sri Kaleshwar during his lifetime.

Supplies are extremely limited.

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Lingam 120 $14,005.00

Approximately 134 to 143 grams


Lingam 119 $13,005.00

Approximately 124 to 133 grams


Lingam 118 $12,006.00

Approximately 114 to 123 grams


Lingam 117 $8,001.00

Approximately 74 to 83 grams


Lingam 116 $7,002.00

Approximately 64 to 73 grams


Lingam 115 $6,003.00

Approximately 54 to 63 grams


Lingam 114 $5,004.00

Approximately 44 to 53 grams


Lingam 113 $4,005.00

Approximately 34 to 43 grams


Lingam 101 $2,016.00

Approximately 14 to 23 grams


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