Soul Departing the Body

This healing blessing energy (shakti) transmission is to help a soul leave the body peacefully at the moment of death or to bless a soul that has already departed from it’s physical form.


Sri Kaleshwar Teachings on the Soul:

Our soul is immortal. The soul means a light, a flame. Candles may look different, but the light of the flame is one.

Each of us has a spark inside of ourselves, but that spark needs to be really, really strong to handle whatever is coming, whatever has been purified, whatever we have experienced in our life.

The soul doesn’t have any form. It’s a part of divinity that you carry in you. It doesn’t have any real structure, any frame.

The soul is actually coming from the Mother. Again, it will go back to the Mother when the body dies, and then Shiva takes it. Once he takes it, then again he sends it to Brahma.

If your consciousness is strong enough, then you can decide if you want to come back or not. If you are really linked with the Guru Parampara, if you did some sadhanas, and you really got success in your sadhanas, even in this lifetime before you take off, that one hour, you know you’re going to take off. One hour before. One hour before, you will know, you’re going to take off. After you take-off, you’re going to Mother.




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