2017 Guru Purnima Coconut

2017 Guru Purnima Festival

Full Moon of the Guru

“So, my dear divine souls, life is short, make it sweet You should be a candle, keep burning and give the light to somebody. Be a candle. If you are a candle, I’m the flame. If I’m the flame, you are a candle. I’ll be with you for lifetimes until you receive and reach your achievement.” ~ Sri Kaleshwar

Join us on Saturday, July 8, 2017, to celebrate Guru Purnima as a global spiritual community stepping forward to act together to bring love, peace, and healing to our planet.

Guru Purnima, the Full Moon of the Guru, is the most powerful time of the year to connect to the Divine Father’s form as the guru. The guru is the light that removes the darkness from the soul.

Offer a coconut with your prayer to receive what you need in your life during a 3 hour Maha Sacred Fire Ceremony (Puja) on Guru Purnima night.

You can also offer a coconut on behalf of someone else. Who are the people who have made a difference in your life and what soul healing blessings do they need from the Guru?

You and your loved one's included in your prayers will receive a distance healing energy transmission from the Divine Lineage Center during this powerful sacred fire ceremony (puja) wherever you are in the world - even without watching the streaming webcast - when you offer a coconut.

As part of your remote energy transmission, please go to this page and complete the following information for yourself and on behalf of each loved one in your life you are sponsoring, including your intentions (sankalpams), as soon as possible.

Schedule of Events (PDT)

11:00 am - 2:00 pm - Holy Milk Bath (Abishek) to Dattatreya Statue (Murthi)

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm - Healing Music (Bhajans)

8:00 pm - 11:00 pm - Fire Ceremony (Puja)

All events will be broadcast live for free from our homepage.

Price: $25.00
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