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Jesus and Mary

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Where there is respect for women, there will be the presence of the Divine. ~ Vedas

Not only Mary, every mother is very capable, very powerful, to lift their children. When she's growing a baby in her womb, that's the best time for her to give shaktipat (transmission of divine energy) and bring enlightenment to her child.

Mary is linking today to our mission, and forever and ever for the truth. She is the real Mother Divine to take care of her children. She is everywhere.

Through your womb chakra you can do miracles.  You can manifest a physical body. You can change one thing to another thing. You can change a person’s mind. You can do a distance healing from where you are to any person anywhere on the planet, in any country, any city, any town. The channels are there. It all depends on how pure your womb chakra energy is.


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Mother Mary

Without Mary, there would be no Jesus. Mary was a supremely enlightened woman who lived in divine consciousness. If you saw the huge halo of her soul in meditation, no one has any idea. She meditated millions of years…She is an incarnation of Durga. She was prepared and trained for countless lifetimes by the Eastern sages. Her Womb Chakra had been purified to be able to be the vessel for the purest crystal soul, Jesus, a new avatar of God, Mother and Father, come to save and uplift the world.

Mary had miraculous abilities. She was able to communicate with angels and with Mother Divine. During a darshan (seeing the physical form) of Mother Divine, Mary asked the Divine Mother for the boon to be able to heal humanity’s blocks and negativity. The Divine Mother blessed Mary with a son to save the world. I’m giving a beautiful soul to you, the Divine Mother said. The ancient seers had worked for millennia toward the birth of a new divine being, a pure crystal soul, a savior. According to the ancient palm leaf manuscripts, Mary’s Womb Chakra, which had been purified for lifetimes, made her a perfect vessel for a new form of the Divinity, Jesus.

The seers understood, and Mary understood, the holiness of the womb. They understood that pregnancy is the most powerful time for a mother to transmit divine energy to enlighten the soul in her womb. When Jesus was in her womb, Mary meditated and transmitted the highest vibrations and consciousness to his soul. Mary connected Jesus to the angels who taught his soul about the Creation. During her pregnancy, Mary’s soul received huge cosmic energy and she developed the highest yogic abilities.

It is Mary’s blessing that the 7000 year-old Womb Chakra process is available to the world now so that all pregnant women can create divine children like her. Women who implement this knowledge will change the world by creating a new generation of enlightened souls.

The Vedic concept talks about the Womb Chakra. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Shirdi Baba, Buddha, Jesus Christ received amazing light only through women.

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Jesus and Mary

Jesus and Mary are eternal partners. They are soul mates sharing perfect unconditional love for the other. Jesus told his mother everything and she understood him completely, which is why she could help in any situation, because there was no holding between them. Jesus understood his mother’s heart; he understood women’s hearts which was key to the success of his relationship with Mother Divine. Jesus was a devoted to Mahakali. In order to have a relationship and communicate with Mother Divine, a man must totally understand and value a woman’s heart. Her unconditional love must be flowing to you to be eligible to connect to Mother Divine.

One of the forgotten messages of Jesus’ life was the power of women. It was demonstrated in the relationship with Mother Mary. One of the ‘mystery’ teachings now coming to light is the power of a woman and how she can help bring enlightenment to a soul. Mary was the key person to help Jesus’ soul from the time he was in her womb to the resurrection.

In Eastern terms, they are Shiva/Shakti. Jesus and Mary are the Mother/Father energy of this time working together for the transformation of humankind. From Mary’s holy womb, a new divine human was born. Jesus is the seed of a new generation of miraculous souls like taking birth to help create a heaven on Earth. Jesus wanted to create many souls like him, who would even greater wonders than he. That was his aim for humanity.

Both Jesus and Mary are working to birth a new generation of enlightened souls, through Jesus’ energy merging with his students and Mother Mary creating our souls anew in her cosmic womb. Together they are creating the souls who will become like him.

Human beings have to respect the mother’s womb. It’s the holy place we all came from.

Jesus and MaryExperiences with Jesus and Mary

It was such an unbelievable energetic night, the last Shivaratri Night during the process. I was sitting nearly the whole night in front of my beautiful Shiva altar. The energy got stronger and stronger. During the early morning hours I was captivated very strongly by the Jesus picture in the middle of the altar. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by the strong wish to see Jesus personally. So inside I asked Jesus while looking constantly into his eyes, “Please, please could you give me any hint, will there ever be a chance for me to get the grace of having a darshan of you? This really is such a deeply heartfelt wish of mine, to be able to see you with my own eyes and to talk to you!” Suddenly, the picture (it shows the face from the Jesus murti in the Penukonda temple) started to change somehow, and for nearly seven to ten minutes it changed for some seconds from the white marble to a young man´s face, very subtle, very very beautiful face, framed with dark hair around and such warm, loving eyes. First I thought, this is only my imagination, but after a while, it was clear that it really changed, but always for one or two seconds. My tears were running, I was very excited...inside I could hear a voice, “You will be able to see me when you start loving yourself with the same love how I love you, child! You have no idea, how much I do love you!..." The voice said a lot of other things; I was completely overwhelmed! I am not sure whether this was a kind of darshan, it happened only through the Jesus picture, but for me it was an unbelievable gift, a very special moment of grace. I can’t put into words how deep the effect was on me! I know, this gift was only possible through the Guru Parampara´s grace and this wonderful group process! Thank you all so very much! I am looking forward to beginning the new process!  V. S., Salzburg, Austria

Kathryn, how on Earth did you find this? This is the highest spiritual knowledge on the planet. The knowledge of Jesus. This is the very knowledge Jesus studied when he was in India. Jesus is part of this divine lineage. I’m very surprised. You have found true gold. This knowledge is no joke. If you ever wondered how Jesus could perform miracles this is it. Some of these people could change water into wine like Jesus did. Healing abilities as well, but you have to be very dedicated to grow into it. This is my path. Glad you found it. –I. K. S, (location unknown)

During the final meditation I was filled with the love, light and experience of Jesus’s presence - a wonderful gift. Thank you, Swami! Thank you everyone who has been involved in the massive undertaking of the Jesus Generation program.  It has been a real privilege to be part of it. My heartfelt thanks to you all.  J. R., Surrey, United Kingdom