For every spiritual person who wants to get enlightenment, the first thing is love and the second thing is power. ~ Sri Kaleshwar


Womb Chakra

The Womb Chakra is a supremely powerful energetic center that exists in both men and women. It is where anything can be created, and where everything is created in your life. “It’s the seed, the spark of Creation that is hidden in you.” Like the Divine Mother, the female aspect of God who creates every form and is the pure energy hidden in all things, we too have the same... Learn More


Jesus and Mary

"Jesus' mother was an incredibly powerful lady in the universe. Mary had unbelievable power, even more than Jesus. She was a powerful healer and was very, very capable. She meditated for millions of lifetimes on the Creation. If you saw the huge circle (halo) of her soul in meditation, nobody has any idea, not even Jesus. He was very thankful to his mother. Learn More


Monika's Corner

Monika Taylor (of Penukonda) was trained directly in India by Sri Kaleshwar for 15 years until his mahasamadhi in 2012. “Monika belongs to the Divine Mother, Kanaka Durga’s, feet.” Sri Kaleshwar said. “She is a Divine Ma on the planet. Learn More

Heal, Empower & Awaken

Life is soul journey. Live it. Be inspired & informed with spiritual perspectives & practices for life, love, happiness, healing, sacred feminine and more. You are a divine soul. Transform your life, family and world. Listen now...

In your life, if you want to fight against the negativity, if you want to demonstrate miracles, if you want to help society, you need these two things - pure love and power. If these two things are with you - you will get success.

Conscious Fertility & Pregnancy

Powers are not in your pocket.  We can make money.  We can make name and fame.  We can get a beautiful husband.  We can get a beautiful wife.  But we can’t get God without love. There is not any power in you except God. If you have any power, it’s only coming from God. It’s not coming from you.





Power Is the Divine Feminine

This planet is at a critical turning point. The world is in the process of momentous change. The ancient sages revealed that Mother Divine is making Her children wake up. An old world, with its limiting belief systems, is being destroyed. She is giving birth to a new age of spirituality, an Age of Consciousness, which will last for one thousand years.

We believe in the power of the divine feminine. We worship God as both Divine Mother and Divine Father. Mother Divine is the Mother of us all. The feminine aspect of creation is the source of power and of all the created world. Over the eons, the world has forgotten the Mother. By remembering and understanding Her, society will come back into balance. Through winning Her heart, we will experience the bliss of Her love. To win Her heart, all women must be shown respect. Civilizations have been won or lost by how women are treated. Creating tears in women is the source of great negative karma, as each woman is an embodiment of the Mother Herself. Society will thrive when women are loved and respected and when children are cared for, happy and protected.

It is a time when women will awaken to the special power they carry. They will be respected and treated with dignity, which is the essential to have an enlightened society. Women will lead this age with their innate qualities of love, kindness and caring for others. It will be a time the highest human values of compassion, service and sharing are expressed. During this time, many divine souls will incarnate on Earth through women who are implementing the ancient formulas to prepare these souls in their womb. 

A New Age of Consciousness Is Dawning  An Age of Unlimited Possibility

In the coming days, it will be much easier to reach enlightenment, to have a personal relationship with God, and be able to see and communicate with God directly. Everyone needs to experience the miraculous. God is the miraculous. To experience God means being able to see something you cannot believe is possible.

The ancient knowledge teaches that there is a natural world and a supernatural world, both of which are governed by one universal consciousness. The miracle of the sun rising each day and the stars shining in the night sky are natural phenomenon. Jesus changing water to wine is a supernatural phenomenon. Both are expressions of God’s miracle power. Miracle energy flows through all Creation, and a human being is capable of being an instrument of this miraculous energy. That is one of the goals of the teachings revealed in the ancient knowledge. 

To bring real and lasting change in the world requires both love and power. The qualities of selflessness and unconditional love must be accompanied by spiritual power to bring real and lasting change. This divine power, called shakti, is gained through the practices of the ancient knowledge and the blessings of Mother Divine and the Guru Parampara, the lineage of divine masters.

Devotion is important.  Power is more important nowadays.  Without power, you cannot do anything in this life.  You cannot heal, you cannot help the globe today without power.  If a knife has no sharpness -- who cares? Without sharpness it’s just an iron rod.  The power is important.  How to make it that your soul power will increase in a beautiful way, to be sharp enough?  That depends on you and your practice and your dedication and your devotion and your determination and your pure concentration.  Then you really can hit it.