from the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar

See, if you look at me, I’m looking at you guys. If you’re not looking at me, why I should look at you? Hey, is it fair? If you look at me, I have to look at you. You’re looking at me with different glasses, one is red, one is green, one is yellow. You see me through whatever glasses you’re wearing. Do you understand? If you have total confidence, “Yes, he can help me. I can get success.” Then you can get success.   



If you think, “Well, I don’t know, I’m trying my best, we’ll see how it really happens.” If you’re in that position with me then you have to wait and see, you’ll get more slaps from the nature – it’s a difficult rule. But then I can fix it, like a good dentist, taking out the negativity. Let him face it first. That’s our good nature.  

Even if you’re having frustration with me, I don’t throw my energy in a negative way. Negative way means, with intention putting my anger on you, even though you’re holding frustration with me. I love everybody forever and ever, until my last breath. Even after my last breath, it will be there.


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