By Alexandra Song

These three day’s energy on the New Moon day, one day if we do the channels of Shiva, there’s a golden statement, for many lifetimes whatever negative karmas we’ve done, they’ll get burned, get washed out, will get completely purified. Shiva gave only one day when he wakes up from his meditation. That is Shivaratri Day. Once he wakes up then we tell our prayers, our wishes. Of course, we came from him. He knows all our problems. 

Shivaratri literally translates into “The Night of Shiva”. It is the most powerful time for us to receive blessings from Shiva and melt our souls’ energy with His. Shiva is one aspect of the male trinity of God. Shiva is formless. He is pure consciousness and freedom from all illusions. Shiva is also Bhola Shankara, the forgiving, unconditionally loving, and boon bestowing form of the Father.

Shiva put the water element Ganga on his head to cool him and make him quiet and calm because he was the person holding the ala hala in his garala kanta. He kept that poison in his throat. It means whatever we have, it’s easy to give to him. He’s happy to receive it like that.

On Shivaratri we all have the opportunity to give our ala hala (negative karmas) to Shiva. His love for his students is so great he happily takes their poison and replaces it was supreme consciousness and bliss. This is part of His role in the creation, the divine play between Shiva and Shakti. 
Through understanding Shiva’s nature to take poison and transform it, we can understand more how to handle our own negative tendencies and how to help other’s come out of theirs. These are some of the blessings that come with merging in Shiva’s energy.  

Whatever the negativity is in us, if we chant the Shiva prayers, we can handle the negativity very easily.

Shiva only cares about our soul development. His favorite place to be is in the graveyard, with his attention fixed completely on the souls. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa narrated a vision he had in the cremation ground of Manikarnika:

I saw a tall figure with a white body and tawny matted locks steadily approach each funeral pyre and tenderly lift up the jiva or the individual soul and breathe into it's ears the supreme Mantra. The gracious Mother of the Universe was seated on the other side of the pyre, removing one after another, all the layers of bondage of the jiva. And after unlocking the gate of Nirvana, She sent the fortunate soul to the Absolute.

Sri Kaleshwar taught that for the forty hours surrounding the peak of the New Moon on Shivaratri, Shiva’s energy is completely accessible to us. 

This is the only day we can receive the Shiva cosmic energy very powerfully. Shiva is the final ultimate goal. we have to melt and merge with him.

Shiva is the most important character for us to connect to. He manifests in the form of the Guru. Shirdi Baba, Jesus, and Sri Kaleshwar are all incarnations of Shiva. The unconditional love of Shiva and the Guru are the same. When we surrender to Shiva’s greatness, there is nothing He cannot give us.

I am telling to you guys, the Guru Parampara is there. Be honest to yourself. Honest to what’s around you. Dedicate your life. Whatever is going to happen, it will happen. Whatever the Guru Parampara wants to give in your life, it will come in your life. But the surrenderity to the Shiva, the Almighty, is the most important.  


All text in gold italics are quotes from Sri Kaleshwar unless otherwise noted.
Shiva Purification Process by Sri Kaleshwar
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Alexandra Song

is a full-time student and volunteer staff member at the Divine Lineage Healing Center in Laytonville, CA.






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