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Anandamayi Ma said, “What will be the result of your Surrenderto Him (God)? None will seem alien, all will be your very own self.” Listen in to find out why and how.

Surrender is one of the keys to a spiritual life. It is a fundamental concept in many spiritual traditions. When we understand it, we realize it is a means of healing karmas, growing our souls, and growing our relationship with God and the energy of God within us.





Listen to this episode below to deeply understand the nature of surrender and the steps to live it in your life.



Soul Talk: The True Nature of Surrender

Surrender is one of the keys to spiritual life. It is a key concept in many spiritual traditions.

When we understand it—we realize it is a means of healing karmas, growing our souls, and growing our and relationship with God and the energy God within us.

But it is easier said than understood and easier said than done.

I never really liked the term. It sounded to me like giving up. Like abdication of personal responsibly for our growth of going inert and helpless. It sounded like being vulnerable to be hurt; waving the white flag. None of which l appealed to me

I was a psychologist. I believed in looking at it, healing it, moving through it. Surrender did not fit my model.

During my time as a psychology student, I had a boyfriend. I felt he was not interested in examining his inner self or making any changes. This seemed to me to be a grand dodge of taking responsibility for one’s own development. So, when in the midst of a conversation he said— 'I just need to be and surrender’.

I rolled my eyes and thought; ‘Oh really!’ I even think at some point I sneered and said: “Well I believe that God helps those who help themselves.”

So, there was Huge judgment in my heart here, I admit. The relationship did not last much beyond that.

Ironically, 15-years later I would see this as wisdom. Today I am preaching to you to let go and let God. So, it would be my just dessert of he saw I was talking about this and rolled his eyes and said; “Oh really!”

As I embraced spirituality, I had to come to grips with surrender.

So first, apologies to him. Second, when I did find a true meaning and power of surrender, it did turn out to have a bit more to it. It was an ultimate way of making it through your issues and of growing within.

So, I am offering today what I found as I worked my way through to embracing surrender as a key to spiritual life and soul development

1) Surrender is Not Giving up but Giving Away.

It is letting go, to let God do through you. It is letting go of our reactions. Letting go of, pain, anger, and hatred. It is looking at and letting go of the pains in us that underlie those auto reactions in us. By letting go at that level we are really shifting our engagement with events of our lives.

But what about letting go to God of the good things that happen too? Letting go of your accomplishment, your joys, your good acts. Do we need to let go of those to God?

My teacher Sri Kaleshwar said: “Completely surrendering to God whatever he is giving in your life. If you go to God for the negative you have to go to God with the positive.”

To understand why this leads us to an essential understanding underlying true surrender. To a prerequisite belief that illuminates the mechanism of surrender as a way for reaching God.

2) Everything is a Play of God/ Mother Divine.

It all stems from believing that everything that comes to you in your life is for a reason of your soul development. The illusion plays that through Maya and karma and we are here to face all that from a place of non-attachment. When we do, our soul energy grows.

The illusion is a big manifesting machine. What we manifest depends on our actions and reaction to the auto growth lesson that is presented by Maya. So, when we surrender to this play, we are accepting the potential lessons of our soul. BY surrendering, we are giving away everything that keeps us in an old play of our wounds and blocks. We arrive at a higher state of our own soul energy.

3) Surrender is Not a Passive Thing, it is Deep Awareness.

Surrender is not giving up, but going deeper in with awareness

Yogananda said: "Spiritual surrender means self-offering of one’s will to God. It is not passive. It is an active surrender to the will of God."

Surrender requires that we examine why each thing has come.

As it says in Bhagavad Gita 3:4: “Actionlessness is not attained by simply avoiding actions. By forsaking work, no one reaches perfection.”

We must do the work by looking at: What can my soul learn by experiencing this? And then we must learn it. From this understanding, surrender is the natural act of accepting God’s actions. Then of discovering his/ her will for our souls and enacting our lives from that understanding.

How to do that? We give away the anger, pain, illness, and negativity. We surrender it, knowing it is just paly to get us to recognize a higher reality. We shift our consciousness to the lesson.

Soul lessons are always attainment of high states of consciousness. They teach us to match our state of the soul of God: Unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, wholeness, and unity. Once we attain that states we take our actions from there and our soul increases.

So, it seems God does help those who help themselves but as a function of surrender.

4) God also Helps Those Who Help Others

It is the surrender of our actions that makes that principle work its highest.

The Bhagavad Gita teaches:

“Perform all actions forsaking attachment (to their fruits), being indifferent to success and failure. This mental evenness is termed Yoga.” 

If we do our good works from a need to be rewarded for that (to feel good about ourselves or loved and appreciated by others) we are really just doing it from our underlying block. From feeling unloved, unworthiness, needing acclaim or needing recognition.

Or perhaps we feel we will help the other, change them or heal them. However, even that we have to let go of. That is our need. That is our perception of their need.

We have to let Gods’ need in the situation bloom from the good actions. To do that we have to surrender our action to God. We must be a conduit of God’s energy flowing through us. We must be in our highest self to connect with God and be his hands in the world. We must put aside our needs and expectations and be an instrument of God and the God within us. In that state it is so clear; it is not acting. it is a connection with the energy of God.

So, beyond our getting soul lessons, surrender connects us to the soul of God. By embodying the consciousness of God, we find the God in us and in everyone around us.

So How Do We Do this Difficult Thing of Surrender?

1) Believe that all that comes in your life is a lesson of God for your soul
2) Look for the soul lesson that is there to be grabbed—even in times of illness and pain
3) Examine your reactions to what comes—often changing those are the lessons
4) Give away your reactions to pain, shock, anger, victim… surrender
5) Switch your consciousness to a higher state of your soul/ God / Mother Divine
6) Let the energy of God/ Mother Divine flow through you
7) Take your actions from there



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