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When illness thoughts begin to create our general mental and emotional attitude, then we are in a consciousness of illness.  Listen here to find out to get out of that and let your thoughts and feelings help you heal and stay healthy.

This was recorded before Covid-19, and was intended for those with existing chronic illness. But the suggestions are useful in these troubled times of virus and isolation.


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I have been dealing with breast cancer for about 10 months now. That is not long compared to others who have severe or chronic illness.  But it has been long enough that I have had a chance to observe my own consciousness and a troubling shift within me.  

It is not a shift I think is healthy.  It is a sometimes obvious and sometimes a subtle shift to the consciousness of illness. So, I want to examine that today because I think it is important for us all to find a way to be in the consciousness of health.  

At first, I would not even say I had cancer. I even told my oncologist “I don’t have cancer”.  He fortunately understood what I was going for there. I did not want that idea that I am (or have) a disease to create me. I held on to that for a long time in my verbiage, but still underneath it I was becoming a person with cancer.  

As the months out of work went on while I shrunk my tumor, my old life pattern of doing healing 6 days a week, started to fade in my memory.  As that faded, I began to lose some definition of myself.

Now that is not all bad. Illness comes for reason. We do want it to change us in some ways that clears our karma or develops our soul. And that can require some loss of the old self.  But in this case as the old self faded, I am not sure I had any vision of my new self, other than being the person who was waking up with pain and had a long way to go with cancer.  

I had the chance, while in residence at Divine Lineage Healing center, to do meditation multiple times a day. That was amazingly helpful.  It was not a new definition of self, but at least I was engaged in something that was the truth of me—meditation and connection to the divine.  

But once I came home, I was quite ill for a number of months. My level and type of symptoms made it difficult to meditate or even feel relaxed. So, the meditations became less frequent and a lot less satisfying.  

In addition, I was waking up each day is some level of physical distress and facing all the householder duties of finances, cleaning etc. as I endured further medical tests. It was then that my thoughts began to center on my distress and exhaustion. I would even catch myself ruminating on that distress. I was telling myself how bad I felt or not wanting to be seen by other when incapacitated. I would find myself holding self-protective body postures that did not feel like me and choosing what things I would do based on my thoughts of illness. I began to isolate myself and fall into a depression.  That depression seemed to center me even more on the physical distress and negative thoughts.  

That thinking is what I am calling the consciousness of illness.  

  1. When physical symptoms become so omnipresent and compelling that our thoughts change to center on those symptoms.  

  2. Or when the fear of the unknown of the illness becomes the basis of our feelings, thoughts, and actions.  

  3. Or when we do not have a vision of our healed self beyond the current pattern of illness and symptoms. 

When the illness thoughts begin to create our general mental and emotional attitude, then we are in a consciousness of illness.

I believe that our thoughts create our reality.  I believe this on both metaphysical and quantum physics levels.  But even if you do not believe that, it is clear from psychology research that when we focus on a thought, we begin to have feelings related to that thought, and then we are highly likely to enact that thought. We even create perceptual sets from those thoughts and feelings that then guide how we view and experience our world. Thus (even psychologically) our thoughts create what “reality” we perceive and perpetuate. Thus, thoughts centered on our distressing symptoms of illness are at least causing us to perceive illness as our reality.  At worst they are creating more symptoms, worry, and disease.

That was me. The more I focused on how bad I felt, the worse I felt. The more I worried about how long this was taking, or not having enough money, or any of a thousand other associated worries, the more I was in fear. I was in the consciousness of illness.

It was easy to fall into that. It takes an effort to get out. I have been working it. Because I know that if I can get into the consciousness of health, I will be healed.  Even if my body still has cancer, whatever reason the cancer came to me in this life, I can face from the consciousness of health.  Facing it in that way is healing—it is soul healing.  

  1.  Be a co-creator of your destiny.

Whether you believe the metaphysical or psychological explanation of how we create reality, ether way we are always creating our destiny. We need to get in charge of that reality creation.  I needed to see myself as co-creator.  I needed to reengage actions of meditation, positive thoughts and experiences, and so on, as part of the healing process.   

I have found that these are not addendums to the medication, diet, rehab that the doctor has prescribed, they are the point of healing.  Who I am within, and how that is connected to the divine, is the source of me.  All illness comes to test and grow that source in me.  When I choose to grow it, I choose health.

  1. Don’t expect but keep inspiration high. 

Being a co-creator means we need to find a soul stance from which to design our creation. I think I find that in ‘don’t expect but keep inspiration high’. Sri Kaleshwar used to say don’t expect. He also said keep inspiration high. The two often sounded contradictory to me. How do I keep my inspiration high if I do not expect some goal or outcome?   

What I have noticed during my cancer treatment is that every time I expected to feel better or be at the next phase of my healing, my expectations got dashed by some complication. The complications did not need to be devasting, they just felt that way because I had expected something else.  

Expectation creates attachment.  The whole journey of the soul is to release worldly illusory attachments.  So, if we are in an illness which is looking for us to increase our souls by releasing our worldly attachments, then expectations are only subverting the process of healing. 

Ok so, I learned that the hard way.  But how to keep the inspiration high while not expecting?  All the approaches below help to do that.

  1. Find things to do, read, or watch that engage the truth of you.

Find what is true inside of you and find a way to engage that.

One of my cousins passed away nearly 10 years ago from cancer.  He spent his life contributing to and serving his community, church, and family.  He was beloved and loving being.  I will always remember what he taught me about facing his death.   

In his last days in the hospital he was in constant and overwhelming pain. His way of dealing with that was to ask how he could use this suffering for the benefit of others.  That was the truth of him. I think his reasoning was that he had spent a lifetime giving to others and he was wanting to meet his death in the same way.  So, he began a constant prayer: “God please allow my suffering to lighten the suffering of others.”  Once he started this prayer, he said he no longer cared about the pain, because he was sure God had brought it and would use it wisely. He died a few days later. He died as himself, in the consciousness of his own divinity and in partnership with God.  That is a soul consciousness of health even in death. 

We don’t have to die to find that soul health consciousness.  We just need to be consistent with the truth of who we are and what is real inside of us.  We need to seek those things that are true in us and make those choices in what we read, think, watch and do.  

  1. Develop and use a vision of the healed self.  

  2. Realize that each illness comes as lesson of the soul.  Then find that soul lesson.  Once you have a vision of that, create your vision of the healed state based on the resolution of that soul issue, and therefore the illness.  

For me the soul issue is always unworthiness. My healed state vision sees me as perfectly fine, happy and capable in all situation.

  1. See and rehearse in your head the healed state as already done. Not just getting to that or heading there-- already done. Create the done state.

  2. Add to that a loving, grateful, and compassionate emotion to feel strongly while you are holding the inner vision of your healed state. 

Get into the thankfulness and gratitude for bringing this healed state.  I say things to myself like: “Thank you so much God.  I had to have an illness to get here, but I would have never thought I would be this happy and well after it all. Thank you so much for bringing me here.”  Feel that strong positive feeling so strongly that you can feel it in your body.  Then hold that as long as you can.

  1. Rehearse the inner feeling and healed vision as often as possible—especially when you notice the consciousness of illness creeping up.

  2. Let your vision shift higher as your soul realizations evolve.

  3. You heal your thoughts and emotions and let God be in charge of the physical outcomes.

This last one is important in that we do not want all this creation of reality to turn into expectation and attachment to the illusion.  Instead it needs to feed inspiration rather than our expectation. But that can be difficult. When we put effort in, we start to expect some outcome. So instead of expecting the outcome of your inner vision, at the end thank God/ Divine Mother and hand it over to them to take to the highest. I like to admit, I don’t even really know what the know highest this may be. 

If you still feel you are anticipating or expecting you can ask for a sign to keep you going.  Dr Joe Dispenza and his meditations reminded me of this technique.  But it is similar to what Sri Kaleshwar said-- that his angels will bring us messages in the nature.  We can use that.  

You are not asking for a sign of miraculous healing, but instead for something small just to let you know the divine ones are listening and taking care. Then just notice and accept any small surprise, any unusal thing in nature, or things of beauty, kindness, or joy that may occur.  These are your signs, so grab on to them to maintain your inspiration. 

As an example, the other day I had finished my meditation, surrendered the outcome and asked for a sign. Within an hour, the repair people who had called earlier in the day to say they could not come till late the following week, showed up at my door ready to work.  A marvelous surprise.  Certainly not how the nature normally works.  It’s a sign.  They heard me. They are working to repair me.

  1. Stay vigilant of the insidious thoughts of illness and switch them. 

  2. Use a decharge technique (or the second trigger mantra) to let go of the negative thoughts. Email me is you want those at

  3. Then focus into something with positive thoughts and emotions: 

Choose to put your mind on something of beauty or love.  force it if you have to.

Choose to do a meditation to envision your healed state.

Listen to, play, or sing beautiful music that makes you happy.

Take a walk outside and focus on the beauty of nature.

Do any hobby or pursuit that gets you to that ‘out of time and space’ feeling.


Join in sacred ceremony or conversation that feels uplifting.

There are a thousand things to put your mind on.  Put your mind on beauty, joy, love, laughter and happiness.  Find something that works for you and sick to it.

  1. Accept and surrender whatever is leaving.  

It may be your old sense of self that is fading. It may be your physical ability that is going away. It may be the loss of your hair, or other body changes from illness. It may be a loss of independence and privacy. It may be the loss of normal patterns of life that are now becoming all about bodily function and dysfunction. It may be the loss of loved ones as they drop away during long term illness. Whatever the loss, let it go.  Bless it.  Try to find an acceptance of the loss.  

How? My own approach takes a lesson from a friend who passed from cancer several years ago.  I think I have mentioned her here before.  When in the midst of her debilitating cancer she went for a healing with Sri Kaleshwar. When he asked her what she wanted, she never asked to be healed. She said simply; “Give me what is highest for my soul.”  So when I am trying to accept the losses I like to say:  “Take it Mother, but bring me what is highest for my soul.” 

For me it has great emotional significance because of my friend.  But it also puts me in line with my true self and beliefs (just as I learned from my cousin).  In offering it all to the Divine Mother, I am being the best of my own soul energy—not the consciousness of illness—but the consciousness of my divine self in partnership with God. 

I am finding these things work.  But I have to stay at it.  However, as I do continue to pull myself back to the divine consciousness of health, that old consciousness of illness is fading.  The old me is fading out in a good way. The new me is taking shape.

I am hoping for everyone that you stay out of the consciousness of illness, and when you need to, find your way back to the consciousness of health.  I hope that you can connect into the truth of who you are and into the truth of this journey called illness.

I want to end with a heartfelt thank you to my dear friends, my cousin, clients, and others who have faced cancer and other debilitating illnesses. You have shown me the path of the soul in all this.  Some of you gave your lives showing that path. I will not forget you, nor will I forget what you have taught me. I promise to myself and to you, I will do as you did and are doing. I will follow that road of the soul wherever it takes me, and I will keep sharing what I find.





Cindy Lindsay Rael

has been an energy healer and teacher for 25 years. She has studied with Sri Kaleshwar since 2001. She is a graduate of Kaleshwar's Soul University in India and is a certified teacher of the ancient mantra and yantra systems. Prior to her work in the Vedic tradition, she studied, conducted healing, and taught in the Inca traditions of Peru. Cindy also earned a PhD. in Psychology and was a university professor and consultant.

Cindy conducts both distance and in-person healing sessions and teachings. To read more on her approach to Sai Shakti Healing see In addition, Cindy offers Divine Baby Blessings to pregnant mothers and works with many issues of the Holy Womb (

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  2. Thank you for this framework to remove ourselves from the consciousness of Illness. The title really grabbed my attention as I find myself in the unconscious state often. Linking the soul lessons of illness and letting go of outcomes is a beautiful reminder. Thank you for sharing your personal journey. Namaste

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