by Candice Stein

“My real dream is when you’re able to read Telugu, to know what’s inside the palm leaf books... take the time, learn and translate the knowledge, release that quite amazing information to the globe.” ~ Sri Kaleshwar

Palm leaf manuscripts are one of the oldest mediums of writing known to man, originating in South and Southeast Asia. The creation of palm leaf manuscripts is a great well known tradition in India. The training and the knowing of how to unlock the knowledge hidden within them was passed down from one generation to the next. Restoration of these ancient manuscripts was a primary part of a traditional practice.  When a Palm Leaf manuscript started to decay it would be transferred onto a new leaf, and a new book would be created before the old one was destroyed. This means that many existing manuscripts are often copies of the original ancient text. Because of this many of the ancient manuscripts are impossible to date. This is also true within our lineage, and true in the case of what Sri Kaleshwar called the Parameshwari Palm leaf Book. The Parameshwari Palm leaf Book as we know, is connected to the creation of Jesus’s soul and was in fact preserved, and “transcribed” by Jesus at some point in his life. 

 “In olden days only a section of people specialized in writing on palm leaves. Knowledge in written form was passed on by copying the text from old manuscripts to new manuscripts. At present, very few people know the technique of writing on palm leaves; the tradition has come to an end. The practice doesn’t exist as people no more understand what’s written on the palm leaves. Some even throw the manuscripts in the river without making a copy of it. Thus some of the most valuable resources and knowledge are lost forever.” T. Ganesan1

The preservation and sharing of this knowledge, and the knowledge Sri Kaleshwar is sharing with us in our tradition, has many meanings and layers applicable to our modern lives. The knowledge of which I am referring, is what Sri Kaleshwar has imparted to us as practitioners of these energy channels. 

By energy channels I am referring to all of the systems of yantra and mantra that he taught to his students. This includes the five Elements, the Womb Chakra, and most of the energy systems that Sri Kaleshwar taught in his lifetime. All of these systems in their authenticity and ancientness reveal to us the Guru Parampara’s true brilliance. A little more back ground on the history of Palm Leaf Books in general can reveal an incomprehensible ability to access all kinds of power. And with this power comes a responsibility to preserve and protect it’s purity.

In his lifetime Sri Kaleshwar brought out and transferred an otherwise lost knowledge to the modern populous with modern mediums. This is something that has never been done before on the globe or in this creation. He created the miraculous by demonstrating the supernatural. He also left us with a living divine legacy of true capacity for all of us as spiritual soul healers and meditators. A capacity that is both systematic and scientifically plausible. He called himself a soul scientist, a researcher and a student of the ancient knowledge. The healing techniques formulas of mantras and yantras is knowledge of how to implement divine processes. What he taught in his life he never took credit for, he always said it was an ancient knowledge from these ancient palm leaf manuscripts and encouraged all of his students to learn Telugu in order to read and study the palm leaf manuscripts for themselves.

With the help of technology and his western students he changed a tradition that previously was only accessible to a handful of people. This kind of knowledge was traditionally taught in extreme secrecy, from one master to one student. Sir Kaleshwar’s life was highly controversial for many reasons, he was truly the definition of what he called a “dare and dash” character. But historically what he created, the healing that he brought to humanity, and the knowledge and power that he gave to his students is still very much in it’s early stages of unfoldment.

Historically, we as members of humanity risk forever losing the knowledge in these ancient manuscripts as they age.  This is because only the transcribing author and a few select individuals ever read the manuscripts and are given the keys and guidance to unlock the knowledge hidden within them. Sri Kaleshwar made the knowledge accessible to humanity on a massive scale. He also trained his students to unlock the knowledge within the pages of very special manuscripts through irreplaceable instruction. His precise training of how to perform spiritual processes and meditation is a priceless gem. What he did changed this creation forever.


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1Traditional Writing System in Southern India-Palm leaf Manuscripts. D. Udaya Kumar, G.V.sreekumar, U.A.Athvankar


Candice Stein

is a full-time student and volunteer staff member at the Divine Lineage Healing Center in Laytonville, CA.





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