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Be in the light, then the light will be in you, then you are the light.

It is often said, faith is the belief in things unseen. But what if we could be in a state of faith in which God is not unseen? What if we can experience a state of faith, a consciousness of faith, which brings us the evidence of God; a state of consciousness in which God is no longer just hoped for, no longer unseen, but experienced.

Though we have all heard that seeing is believing, in this episode we explore how believing is seeing, and faith can be an experience of God which manifests and recreates our lives.



Consciousness of Faith

It is often said Faith is the belief in things unseen. This comes from Hebrews 11:1: “Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen”

Clearly, it is a touching explanation of having a conviction, a deep heartfelt belief, in the existence of God. In a world where we have forgotten to see God and the Mother in all things; Faith is necessary.

But what if we could be in a state of faith in which God is not unseen? What if we can experience a state of faith, a consciousness of faith, which brings us the evidence of God; no longer just hoped for, no longer unseen, but experienced? That is what I want to explore in this episode.

Most of us have heard that “seeing is believing.” But what if believing is seeing?

Scientific research does show us the believing is seeing; that the perceptual set we hold determines how we view ourselves and the world around us. It is a key concept in psychological research. It has also been shown time and time again in studies of memory recall and visual perception as well. Not only do we tend to see what we expect to see, we also tend to experience what we expect to experience.

A story of a heartbroken lady

Who of us has not been in that negative rant?

The change of consciousness can be quite immediate—chit /chit. Our feelings, actions, even, the body can change with that.

As a healer, I have learned that If you want instantaneous healing—change consciousness.

But also, in this story, she opens her heart, and I think that is key. In a technology called “heart math,” they talk about mind/ heart resonance. The HMI (Heart Math Institute) has developed and has researched how this resonance can help stress and improve emotional, mental and physical health.

From the spiritual perspective, our heart chakra is a primary resting place of our soul energy. When we are in the womb, our soul connects into the heartbeat as a part of our entry as a soul, and as part of empowering a spiritual heart in us. When we connect faith to our hearts, we are making faith our internal experience of the God within us—our soul.

Our open hearts are a conduit to our soul energy. Every spiritual practice requires an open heart to have its full effect. Opening our hearts allows us to see from the place of our soul. That is a different and valuable perceptual set—but also an invaluable connection to God.

If we believe in God we can see and experience God in everything. The Aham Bramasmi. God is in everything. We are just not perceiving that. But when we change our consciousness to God, we do begin to see God/ Mother in all things, and in everyone.

Vivekananda said: “The moment I have realized God is sitting in the temple of every human body, that moment I am free from bondage.”

But it may also be possible that this is not just an internal perceptual phenomenon.

I recall a youtube video of a charity group who gave makeovers to homeless people. The one I saw had a man who must have been homeless and on the street for a long time. He had a long beard, tangled hair, and clothes that appeared to have been worn night and day for a long time. The video showed the makeover. It was astounding. And when they let him see himself, you could see in his face the chit /chit—the shift in self-perception.

But what I like best about it is, in the version of this I found, a prologue about what happened to this man. He had gone out looking for a job and had gotten one. Clearly, not only his perception changed, the perception of others changed as well, and as a result, his life was also changed.

And still, this may not just be a social perception phenomenon but have an effect directly on matter.

Most of us by now have heard of the observer effect; that the act of observing will influence the phenomenon being observed. Metaphysics has seized on this idea. “The Secret” is an application of this for manifestation.

Now I have heard one well known Quantum Physicist say, that what certain metaphysicians understand about this phenomenon of physics could be written on the head of a pin. That may be so. I don’t know.

What I do know is that faith is certainly not about trying to manifest our worldly desires. Instead, it is about making manifest the energy of God in our reality

Paramahansa Yogananda gave a prayer: “I shall go forth in perfect faith; in the power of the omnipresent Good; to bring me what I need at the time I need it.

This is not just manifestation of our desires, but it is faith bringing what God wants for us and sees as our true needs.

And in that regard, one has to wonder if miracles are part of this mechanism of physics, plus consciousness of faith, heart, and soul.

My teacher, Sri Kaleshwar, once spoke of the mechanism of the miracle of changing water to wine. He explained that Jesus was so completely able to see the water as wine, that it changed form. He explained that Christ’s energy touched the level where all the energies were forming in the water and it changed. This was through something called the prati bimba chakra. Bimba/ Prati Bimba in the Vedic understanding. In the nature is the supernatural, in the supernatural is the natural. This is a much deeper discussion than we can do now.

But let us apply that to faith. If our consciousness is focused, miracles can happen. Perhaps there is a consciousness of faith; a belief in God so coherent that it is the energy of God/ Mother. That consciousness creates and recreates. When we believe with that coherence, that faith, miracles can happen.

But also, in metaphysics, we know that we are all manifesting all the time. We live in a big manifesting machine called the illusion. Which is constantly manifesting our Karma. But what we are manifesting is coming from where ever we are focused. For most of us, this is our inner confusions/ our blocks/ our inner negative rant.

However, even we can do this differently. I recently posted a video on my Facebook page that was done by Gregg Braden. He is neighbor of mine, and I like to keep up with his scientific perspective on spirituality. In this video, he plays a video of Chinese healers with a patient who has bladder cancer. They have an ultrasound observation of the cancerous tumor in real time as the healers (and the patient) hold the consciousness that the cancer is already gone and chant with that energy. In that video you see the tumor diminish and disappear.

What is happening there? This is a transmission of a clear state of consciousness, of the healed state, creates the healed state. What would happen if we held faith in that level of clarity and focused consciousness? What would happen if many of us held that in this world and transmitted it?

That is why the Diving Lineage Center does fire ceremony transmissions of the held belief “let there be peace on earth and love for one another.” Join the global movement for peace on!

The supernatural is there in the natural, God and Mother are in all things, how do we see that? We believe it, and it manifests. But how do we believe the highest?

Most of us do have doubts and fears. “I will believe it when I see it”, still has a hold on us. How do we get past that?

We have to plant a seed. We need to get a taste of what is beyond our doubt, our fear, our heartbrokenness.

Meditation that leads to a state of silence is the ultimate way to do that; to experience the energy of God. And if you do not know how to do that I highly recommend the Divine Lineage web class called “Who am I?” They go through all sort of proven methods to get to that silence that is the energy of God.

Still, some of us find that silence difficult to achieve. In times when our faith is shaken, when our perception has gotten stuck in that inner rant of negativity, it is hard to get to the silence. So, I adapt from heart math a guided meditation, just to get the initial shift to a higher state of consciousness.

From there we must build our consciousness of faith. When we do that strongly enough, we will see God in ourselves and in all things. There will be evidence of God / Mother everywhere and in everyone. Our faith will be seen, manifest in us, and in everything. And then as Vivekananda said—we are free of bondage.


This is the truth of me

This is the truth of God

I have faith in this.



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