by Church of Divine Lineage Staff

The 2 - hour long fire ceremony at the Divine Lineage Healing Center on New Year’s Eve was very successful. We connected with thousands of people in over 1518 locations and 62 countries to send love, peace, and kindness like an arrow into the New Year. 

We received beautiful and touching messages and videos from several locations that participated. One of them was LaTanya Johnson with her Youth of Englewood group from Chicago where people don’t feel safe on the streets anymore. 

Latanya heard about the peace movement #countmylight and joined. She sat with her family and the children of the group together. They meditated and prayed for peace by candle-light. The group found inspiration and hope in the global unity. LaTanya posted on Facebook: “This was one of the greatest moments for my family and friends! Thank you for the great opportunity to call for peace in our community!!! Thank you so much for counting our lights!”

The videos she sent to us from their gathering touched my heart deeply. A huge wave of love went around the globe with the peace prayer and it created many new friends. Our deepest thanks to everyone who joined in any way!

Happy New Year with love, light, and peace!



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