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Be in the light, then the light will be in you, then you are the light.



My Teacher, Sri Kaleshwar, said:

“Think positive, start the day with positive, lead the day with positive, end the day with positive, then your life will become positive.  Be in the positive.”

That is our topic for today. But how is this any different from Norman Vincent Peele in 1950’s and all the authors suggesting positive affirmations since then?

“Be in the positive” is a state of being.  A state of consciousness through which we view the world.  When we are in that state it makes it automatic that starting the day we feel positive, we wake up that way.  It makes ending the day in positive, your natural tendency.  Like giving thank and gratitude for your day and life.

And getting to that state of being is beyond affirmations and positive thinking.  It is a state of the soul.  It is a state of consciousness beyond the mind.  How to do that is also our topic today.

Let’s start with positive thinking.  Because that is a prerequisite step toward the state of being we ultimately want to explore.  

We have to control our minds.  Within this illusion the mind and our senses attach to the illusion through our desires and the play of karma. That engagement in the illusion is keeping us separate from the wholeness and bliss of God and the bliss of our own souls.  First, we need to control the mind.  If while controlling the mind we can shift the attachment of the sense and desires as well, we are on our way to Being Positive.


I had a client who was contacting me because of her deep depression.  

While talking to her I notice how constantly negative her talk was—and how constantly negative she reported her inner talk was.  I initially tried reframing some things for her into the positive.  Still she had a negative response to every positive.  She even had an insistence on the negative interpretations she held. Even about getting out of her depression, she was convinced she could not.

So, this is where we needed to start.  I convinced her that she would not get out of depression if she believed she could not.   I felt she had no real awareness of the degree of negative thinking she was doing. So, we assigned her homework for the first step.


I had her do check marks in a notebook each time she caught herself in a negative thought.  She was trying to check in with herself every 15 minutes or so, and just check in her notebook if her thoughts at the moment were positive or negative.

When we went over her notes the next appointment, there were no check in the positive column. This was pretty astounding to her.  

But most of us I hope are not quite extreme.  Our awareness needs to be of the pattern and triggers to our negative thoughts. 

For example, let’s look at my typical pattern, the type of negative thought, the triggers, and timing that I have observed in me. 

I mostly tend to worry as my negative thought pattern.  I worry about the future but also about the past.  

It is maximally triggered by finances or by worry that I did not do something well enough (based on a childhood feeling of unworthiness).  However, it can be as mundane as my list of things that still need to be done. I also know that I worry about things I saw on the news.  Things I can do nothing about, but still upset me.

I also get into a pattern of rerunning something over and over again in my head.  What happened, what might happen, my response to that (often not my highest response because it comes from worry or self-justification from unworthiness etc.).

This often happens when I am awake unable to sleep at night—and of course, makes sleep even more unattainable.

On the positive side,  though I listen to other people’s sufferings and problems all day long as a healer, I notice I do pretty well with that because I am in a state of love and helping. If their problems come up to me again later, I send blessings and healing and give their case to a divine soul, and then it feels resolved in me.  (we will see later that these are all good practice of getting to positive).  So, it is good to know what already works for you.

So, get some awareness of your:




And what does work for you already...

This helps you avoid the triggers or provide positive options in those trigger moments and timings.  It will also help you to become aware when you are in your pattern rather than only waking up to it after you have run it for a long time.

Create a Positive Environment Around You.

Also, awareness will help you with your first step:

create a positive environment around you.

For example, I no longer watch or read the news.  

I write down my “to do” list before trying to sleep—or get up and write it down if it is running in my head. 

I spend time counting my blessings before going to sleep and a tick from Sir Kaleshwar I thank my mother and father.

And recently when I had to be on difficult financial call. I know this is a trigger for me. So, while on the phone I moved to where I could look out my window to the beautiful nature and watch the happily running squirrels outside.

A client with cancer.


Once you are aware and have created your best positive environment, you need to switch from your negative pattern to a positive thought process.

Three ways to switch:

1) Switch to the present moment

 Most of our negative thoughts are not about the present.  And in this present moment, those things are not happening.

Talk yourself out of it

Do breath practice, switching attention to the breath and to this moment

2) Switch to a past or future positive moment: Golden Moments and Your Happy Place

A golden moment is remembering any time you were happy and thinking on that so strongly that you feel it again at this moment.

By recreating the feeling in the body, heart, you are being happy in the moment, even though that is created by thinking of the past.  This moment becomes happy as well.

Sri Kaleshwar used to say we should rehearse the “golden moments.”  This is the same principle.

This is also a beginning of resetting of the senses to the positive.  Remember the senses keep us hooked into the illusion.  At least here we are hooking the positive, the happy instead of the negative illusion (but it is still illusion).

For my client who had a really hard time with this, her task was to stop every hour and take a few minutes to hone her joy thought till she felt it within.  But it ok to do it as needed.

But it is important to hone it in so you have a happy place to go to when you need it most.  I even used this one with my Grandson.

Helps to add deep breathing and attention to your heart chakra to try to retrain your heart energy to this positive memory.

3) Switch to God

If you can realize and surrender to the play of God: There is positive happening there—this is coming for your soul advancement if you can see how or why and switch to the positive thought of that—you are starting to get to the positive being energy beyond just positive thought.

Give away to and Get help from a Divine Soul, they know this and they know how to stay positive

The special case of Jesus:

Smiling on the cross--forgive them

Calling on his name brings his angels

Choose a divine soul and connect there to be guided:

Call on the name

Put that divine soul in your 3rd eye

Read their teachings and about their lives

Practice, bhakti with divine soul, devotions, and eye to eye love

These steps are wonderful to switch to think positive—but to BE in the positive, so that is our automatic go to state, takes a bit more.


Let go of the past, practice love and forgiveness. Get healing or counseling.

Love and forgive yourself

Learn how to take criticism without going to unworthiness.

Probably need a whole episode just on this.

Attune your senses to beauty (reattachment strategy).  See the beauty in all things.  Look for the beauty in the mundane and in each moment.

American beauty example:

We can start this by just attending to the beauty in nature, really seeing.  Then in other people. Then in our past and present moments.


Make a habit of inputting the positive to your senses: read, watch, listen positive things.

Listen to beautiful music, look at beautiful things.  These can create positive states in us and a food to our souls (soul is light and vibration).

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Take it sporty.

Stop, breath, refocus

Let go of ego and desires

There are numerous mentions in Bhagavad Gita about the importance of detachment to attain peace, happiness and gradually attain moksha/liberation. 

Lord Krishna tells Arjuna,

“A person who has no desire for sense gratification, who lives free of desires, who has given up all the sense for controls and proprietorship, and is egoless, can alone attain ultimate peace.” (Gita 2.71)

“I want happiness”

Give up the I (the ego), give up the want (desire), and what is left? just happiness

But ancient practices of this is renunciation.  Being a sequestered monk or a sannyasin who gives up family, home, possessions to experience egolessness and freedom from desires.

We are in a different age when we have to find that detachment while in the illusion, which family and jobs, and need to provide.

So, we cannot be separated off.  We must encounter the issues of ego and desire and continue to let go.  Keep letting go.  Every time we encounter it, let go again and again.

That underlying understanding that everything is a play of God—we are not the doers is key to letting go of ego.

Be in your goodness through connection to God, take your actions and then let go of the result.

To give away desire, know that desires are transitory.  They come and go. We do not need to attach to them they are clouds in the sky.

Still, all this is easier said than done.

Get help from the Divine Souls who know how to do that.  They all had to learn this to be this in their lives. Shirdi Baba, Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha.

Give away your problems to a divine soul.

If a mistake you made—listen to erasing mistakes from the soul

Help others with no attachment to the actions or outcomes. What you send out, you tend to get back from the world and the people in it. Not from everyone. And not every time. But what you send out does matter.  It is a positive energy field and creates positive karma.

Choose love experiment

Being love/ simple acts of kindness

But also, It is a spiritual mechanism to attain enlightenment--from Bhagavad Gita and Shirdi Sai Baba

BG 17.20: Charity given out of duty, without expectation of return, at the proper time and place, and to a worthy person is considered to be in the mode of goodness.

Shirdi Sai Baba Said: Do not be obsessed by egotism, imagining that you are the cause of action: Everything is due to God.

Silence Meditation:

Beyond all this, there is a deeper bliss of the soul and a state of positive being that lives beyond this.   This is a state of the bliss or our own soul energy and the energy of God.

Meditation pulls up the soul energy and puts us in the state of the wholeness of God and us. There is a deep bliss of the soul and the infinite to be experienced here.


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