Excerpt from the Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, by Sri Kaleshwar.


In each person there is a fire, a light. See that light. That is She. Once you see Mother Divine, once you connect to Her,1 from that point, your real life will start in spirituality. You know something. You recognize the unbelievable greatness in the nature.

You’re a completely different person. Even though a part of your soul is involved with this planet, a part is always with Her. That’s very important.

At the time you see Mother Divine,2 you are equal to a divine soul. One hundred percent you’re equal. It’s the most crucial turning point in your life. Then you’re ready to receive the energies. From that point, you start to know exactly what is in the nature. She’s infinite. But you’re also a part of that infinity. You’re coming out of the infinity, then you’re seeing where you are, what you are. Then you’re pulling that infinity in you, then you’re starting to feel your infinity. Then you know the Creation exactly.

Once you’re channeling the energy, when you’re having darshan of Mother Divine it means you’re completely walking out of all the five elements. You don’t know exactly what is happening to you at the time because you’re out of the five elements. It’s a separation between the nature and you. You are walking out from the nature, even though you are still in the nature. You’re out of the nature and you’re watching the nature form of Mother Divine.3 Then She dissolves Her energy in you. When She’s dissolving in you, those two or three days after seeing Her, that experience you have to experience in your life. It is an enlightenment.

Sometimes it’s hard for you to believe and to understand. “Hey Swami, after we see Mother Divine, what will really happen? After we talk and have a communication with Her, what will really happen to us? Maybe we’ll leave our kids and family. Maybe we’ll run out into the jungle, sitting as a saint.” No. You can still love your wife and kids. But you can start to open the hearts of the people. You can start to give miraculous healings. You can change any person’s life, like that. That’s it. I think it’s a huge blessing, isn’t it? Then your real life will be fulfilled. It’s enough.



(1) See and communicate with Mother Divine in Her physical form. This is a vast transmission of shakti into your soul, and is an enlightenment experience. The cosmic channels give processes to have this experience and develop a relationship with the Mother. The results of these practices, which have been done by Jesus Christ, Buddha, Shirdi Baba, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Adi Shankaracharya etc., are to establish a relationship with Mother Divine. It is the Mother who blesses the miraculous powers; it is only through Her grace that they are received. Her blessing is key to receiving miraculous abilities like Jesus had.

(2) Seeing Her physical form with your two eyes.

(3) Seeing Her physical form in a human body in the five elements.


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