Manifest Blessings, Healing, & Success

The ancient sages always began any effort or auspicious activity by offering a coconut with their prayers. This is a hidden spiritual mechanism to receive blessings for success. The sages offered coconuts to fulfill their intentions during sacred fire pujas.


Divine Consciousness and Pure Love Are Inside

What do coconuts have to do with consciousness? The coconut represents us and all of creation. The coconut also represents pure consciousness. Everything, all of the Five Elements, plus divine consciousness is inside a coconut -- just as it is in you. The coconut represents us and the hard shell of our egos, that when 'cracked' and released, reveals the purity and divine consciousness within us.




Opening a Fresh Coconut Brings the Angels

When we charge a coconut with our prayers, we are putting our intentions (sankalpams) into the coconut, into the pure consciousness. There are air and water inside that is new to this Creation. When we crack a coconut open we’re releasing our prayers into this creation with the new air and new water that are joining this creation for the first time. A divine alchemy happens. This combination of the pure elements together is like adding jet fuel - angelic jet fuel - to your prayers.

Angel energy is released when you crack a coconut. The angels' energy flows to bless and fulfill the prayers and intentions that are put inside. It is a powerful mechanism for manifesting what we need, and to release healing vibrations in the world. This is the secret process the ancient sages used.


We Receive Healing and Bless the World

You can imagine the power and high divine vibrations that are generated during Pujas for Peace every Full Moon, New Moon, and on New Year's Eve when hundreds, sometimes thousands, of coconuts are cracked at one time and offered to God in the fire. The energy is incredible.

The angel energy is there blessing your prayers and the prayers of everyone joining the puja. These pure, divine vibrations added to the vibrations generated during the sacred fire puja creates a supernatural process. The miracle energy flows.

Even if you’re not able to join the Sacred Fire Cer­e­mony (Puja) live, offer­ing a coconut is a way to receive heal­ing energy trans­mis­sions, divine support for your dharma, and purify the earth around you. You are healing the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere will heal you.



The whole universe is hidden in the coconut, even more than a human being. The coconut is Brahma Consciousness. Unbelievable mechanisms are running in the coconut. You can win everything through a coconut. You can give enlightenment through the coconut.The saptarishis got the information about coconuts and wrote it on the palm leaves. ~ Sri Kaleshwar



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