by Robin Strayhorn, BA


I initially started reading the Sri Sai Satcharita by Dabholkar in 2007, after learning how it could contribute to developing a personal relationship with Shirdi Sai Baba.  When I first heard of Baba through Swami Kaleshwar, I had no idea who he was and never imagined that I could feel as close to him as I do now. So I began reading with the intention of discovering who Baba was. I first read the entire book from beginning to end. Then daily, I would randomly open it up and start reading the full chapter of wherever my finger landed, thus receiving whatever message was meant for me that day. Over the past 4 or 5 years, I simply read a chapter a day starting from the beginning of the book and once I finish the whole book, I begin again and the cycle continues.

Although when I started doing the readings, it was to get to know Baba, I now do it because the readings inspire me, they uplift me, make me laugh, and as is often mentioned in the book, daily readings really do give tremendous relief from worldly challenges.  I’ve found that more and more I’m experiencing being in the world, but not as deeply affected by its ups & downs as in the past, because I’m constantly reminded through my readings that the material world truly is illusory.  I find that I don’t worry about things as much, knowing that Baba is everywhere, taking care.  Of course I still get caught up in life’s drama at times, but when I remember to look to Baba, he always comes through.  Reading every day minimizes the gap of time between remembering and forgetting to look to Baba. Baba keeps reminding us that if we have full trust in him and turn to him when we have challenges, he is always there to help us. Reading the Sri Sai Satcharita is my morning ritual, very much like drinking coffee is a must for some people in the morning. I’ve found that if ever I miss a morning of reading, my day just doesn’t feel complete – I feel off center. Even when I know I’m running late for something, I still try to read at least 2- 5 pages just to get a little charge. 

Because I’ve read the Sri Sai Satcharita repeatedly, I’m familiar with all the stories but each time I read, it’s still a joy for me. When I start a chapter, I do a quick prayer asking Baba to deepen my understanding and that my whole being be penetrated with his energy and knowledge. I ask that I receive a new awareness with each reading. So every time I read a chapter I strive to carry that energy with me throughout the day, and gradually it becomes more and more a part of who I am. Baba’s messages not only expound deep spiritual matters such as what is Brahma-Jnana, but he also imparts so many practical lessons and reminders. For instance, in one story he speaks of the critic and how we should avoid judging and criticizing others, as well as abstaining from needless debates & conversation about situations. I can directly see how taking this to heart has helped me with becoming less critical of myself, others & situations. I’m more at peace and accepting of myself, others, and circumstances in general.

I’m sometimes surprised at how I never get tired of reading the Sri Sai Satcharita – I just love reading about Baba and I’m so thankful that each time I read it, my love for Baba deepens and I receive something new each time. And ultimately I thank Swami Kaleshwar for introducing me to Baba!


Robin Strayhorn

is a Sai Shakti healer and teacher who studied at Sri Kaleshwar’s Soul University in India during 2007 & 2008. She traveled back and forth to India continuing her studies of the ancient knowledge though 2012. She is a certified teacher of the ancient healing formulas taught by Sri Kaleshwar.  

Robin received a bachelor degree in Political Science/International Relations from University of California, Los Angeles and taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District for 7 years. Additionally, she pursued a career as a professional artist in the public and private realm.

As a Sai Shakti healer in Los Angeles, Robin shares the ancient knowledge with others, gives in person and distance healings, and Divine Baby Blessings to pregnant mothers. For those in the Los Angeles area interested in receiving healings or divine baby blessings. You can contact Robin at


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