Excerpt from the Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, by Sri Kaleshwar.

Mother Divine is the Mother to every soul in this universe. She doesn’t belong to any religion at all. The Mother is the universal God/Goddess. Period. She’s an unbelievable vast ocean. You can’t drink all of Her drops of water. You can digest some but not completely. Some is still left. That is She. Mother is the woman of huge love. She is also, same part, a woman of huge anger. One part is positive. One part is negative. In the Indian spiritual tradition, they say She is the nature. In the nature, you can see very beautiful flowers and beautiful lakes. It is gorgeous. This same nature brings huge earthquakes, floods, and many disasters. Mother Divine’s nature is like that. But once She starts to calm down, here you go; anything, whatever you want, you can receive from Her. 

You should taste Her in both ways – then only you can really understand Her. Otherwise, there is no fragrance in your life. You didn’t understand the real truth. Just you were born, you lived only on the surface, then you died; it’s over, gone. You really only saw the material life and only experienced the normal surface love. You didn’t see the deeper, inner side of creation, up and down. Who really understands the ups and downs, I can only consider him as the right soul in this universe. The remaining things are really peanuts.

One part, God is formless. But we’re talking here about nature. When you’re sitting in front of the ocean, sometimes it’s completely pin drop silence, the waves are very calm. Sometimes it’s really wild, isn’t it? Big huge storms. What is happening there? What is that energy making it like that? It’s formless, but it can create any form. 

The Divine Mother is the big Mother to take care of you. My deeper aim is to send everybody to Mother. The one goal is to connect to Mother Divine, to have the desire to connect to Her. Once you enter into your Mother’s home, She will take care of you and give whatever you really want. 





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  1. I am so grateful for this opportunity to join with you and deepen the relationship with the Divine Mother. I am looking forward to sharing this precious time with everyone. Love you!

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