We can make a deal with Baba about anything, but what you ask for and why you are asking is important. As Sri Kaleshwar said, “Baba knows what you want. You have to ask when you need it. You should not ask when you don’t need it. It’s very important point. Right now you have enough money. Your life is going smooth. Don’t stretch too much what you want. Then he starts the games. Then he starts to play the illusions.”

It is important to ask for what we need with wisdom, and have faith and patience that Baba will take care in the best way but sometimes we really need or want something. It’s very important to our lives and our happiness. We can go to Baba and ask for it and make a deal with him and tell him what you will offer to him. You need to give something back to him. “Whenever you want something very badly he gives it,” Sri Kaleshwar said, “There is a reason that when we ask forcely we need to pay the bill when he is giving it.” This reason is karma; we need to give something back to him in order to balance the karmic slates.

Sri Kaleshwar gave this example, “You are having a lot of heart pain. Just make a deal with him, make a contract with him. ‘If you really take this away, I’m going to give this.’ Then you see the results. When it’s gone, then you have to keep your promise. Whenever you don’t keep your promise you have to pay it back to him with interest. That is Datta Kriya.” Datta Kriya means the way that Dattatreya operates in the Creation. Baba is an incarnation of Dattatreya.

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