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by Mark 'Ramakrishna' Jenkins

For many years Sri Kaleshwar asked his students to learn Telugu. Hidden in the palm leaf books, ancient manuscripts dating back thousands of years, is incredible knowledge and enlightenment techniques saints have been practicing, perfecting, and passing on for hundreds of generations.

The knowledge Sri Kaleshwar shared came from palm leaves written almost exclusively in Telugu and it was Sri Kaleshwar’s deepest desire for this information to be shared with the world by people who were able to read and understand the palm leaves. He wished for his students to share the sacred knowledge of the palm leaves with comprehension and understanding, so the knowledge would remain accurate and protected.

Join us in sharing and deepening our collective understanding of the Telugu language and the role it plays in bringing healing and enlightenment to the world in the Sai Yuga.


We need your help! Support five women learning Intermediate Telugu to unlock ancient solutions for today's problems. Classes start June 13th, 2016!

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