From the Teachings of Sri Kaleshwar


So, coming to the point, your soul is equal to Adi Shankaracharya. Your body is equal to Adi Shankaracharya. Your soul is equal to Jesus. You have 100% right to receive whatever the top divine souls received on the planet. We’re innocent. Every person is born with equal rights. Mother is one hundred percent fair. We all came from the Womb Chakra of the Mother. Every soul is eligible to have that experience. An amazing spark is in you. Try to pull that out and take care of it. Come up, come up, come up, wake up, wake up, wake up your consciousness!

There are many, many layers of the healing capabilities, many, many layers of the miracle stages, many, many layers to understand the cosmic. Still, I’m also a student. Even though pretty good I’ve studied a couple of thousand palm leaf books in my life and several hundreds of yantras. It’s an ocean. It’s really an ocean. But there’s no need to know the entire ocean. Once you learn just a part of the real concept, the theory, then automatically you’ll learn the rest in your life. God will pull you. But to receive that information, to receive that divine blessing from God, a master, a teacher, a healer, any avatar, any swami, any guru, first you need to be dedicated in your life.

The information is there to know about God, to know about yourself, and to know about the highest healing capabilities. To be able to become a powerful healer, to really want to know that, to really jump in it, how much are you really dedicating your life for the circumstances in the society? You want to become a healer. You want to become a master. It means you have to go help. You have to take care. How much happiness are you really willing to sacrifice for the society and to the people around you? You need to develop your heart and your soul as a helping nature. Without your notice, your mind and your heart and your soul will turn as a man of love, person of pure love. Wherever pure true love is there, there is God. Without your notice He will stay in you. He’s around you.

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