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by Alexandra Song, BA

VeeraVeerabrahmendra, the great seer of India, was a 14th Century Avatar of Brahma. He is known for the ‘Kalagnana’, or ‘Knowledge of Time’, a collection of 14,000 verses written on palm leaves foretelling the astrology of the world. Veerabrahmendra opened his channels through meditation, developing a powerful connection with Mother Divine. His commitment to Her, he said, was to write everything She taught him.  

While many of the events Veerabrahmendra saw in the future are dark, he also saw things to come that are powerful signs of divinity and positive revolution. One of these events is that in the coming days western nations would be ruled by women. Another prediction, which Sri Kaleshwar shared as being written about his own life, is this: 

“A person will come with Mother Divine energy and will lead the world. He will stay at the foot of Penukonda mountain. One day, the whole world will treat him as Mother Divine. His energy will take care of the entire planet. He will spread huge light in this universe through his messages.” 

The ‘Kalagnana’ is written in Telugu. Saints choose the Telugu language because it is a natural carrier of divine energy. In contemporary culture, books are produced through an author’s thought process. The author in turn draws from the thoughts of other’s before them. Why the palm leaves are so miraculous is that they are created through meditation and consciousness. Sri Kaleshwar put it this way: “Each letter, each word, they put with their real heart and with the energy and a prayer. They meditated unbelievably, then they wrote.” 

Veerabrahmendra took Jiva Samadhi in the Cuddapa District. For many years all the palm leaves of the ‘Kalagnana’ were hidden inside his samadhi, until the Indian Government found and shared them with the world.  


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