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 From the Teachings of Sri Kaleshwar


Until you win your mission, don’t give up. To be such strong healers, the strongest healers on the globe and create more healers, create a beautiful rose garden, that’s very important. If you’re not doing the healings, just simply sitting in your house, “Swami, I keep trying, it’s not happening.” It’s not my fault. Keep try, try, try, try. Some coconuts will break at a stretch. Some coconuts take five, six, seven, ten, twenty times. They won’t break. Understand? So until it breaks, keep trying. Don’t give up. Don’t give up. Many people think, “Swami, we need to work. We have family life, kids, children, old parents, a lot of responsibilities and burdens, a lot of weight.” I understand. Physically I traveled Europe, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia. Pretty good I traveled. America, I traveled. I saw the people’s lifestyle. Without I seeing it with my own eyes, I won’t say any unnecessary judgments. Stop your ego. Give the responsibility to the Dwarkamai and Guru Parampara. There is one word — miracle. Trust that! That’s why they have given that word to that — miracle. It’s not a big deal.

If you’re really committed, if you choose the commitment, “Yes, Swami, I’m here for the Divine Mission. No matter what, I’m giving my headache to the Guru Paramparas, whatever it is, fine. I will do the Guru Paramparas’ mission until my last breath, in whatever circumstance, whatever the people’s criticisms. It doesn’t matter how much I’m sensitive, how much I’m strong, I’ll try my maximum best.” Then, yes, the Guru Parampara is there. Your master must be there. He will be there!

You can create any hospitals around the globe but you what we really need to create soul hospitals. These types of hospitals are required on the globe right now. Millions of dollars, millions of rupees, are spent on regular hospitals. That’s good. But the broken souls, the heartbroken, the depressed who have gone through everything in their life, have lost everything and want to know satya, the truth. You need to create it for them to know to recognize some bliss. That’s only possible to happen in these types of centers. You need to do that.

It doesn’t need to be big. Even if it’s small but you’re giving initiation, shaktipat, putting them in the energy, and training them. That’s important. And, to also take care of their karmic things, performing certain prayers. But majority it means fixing their souls and taking care of their souls. That real specialist is Big Boss Baba and Jesus Christ did it with a different angle.

I don’t want to see you all the time hanging with your Swami Kaleshwar. I want to make you to be free, to be as a powerful master, to create thousands of students, to create a lot of light in the globe. Remove the darkness in the globe. That’s your job.

I need masters who can sit and lead, dictate the elements, control the elements, and help powerfully in the planet. That is your mission.

I am doing my part. I am preparing you. I am working with your consciousness when you are really in stitha pregnata and you’re in deep sleep in the trance mood. Moreover, it is very important to make your heart and mind, especially monkey mind, to stop. That’s why we used the Hanuman energy - to grow pure unbelievable capabilities in your bodies. Different chakras are activated in your body. But step-by-step I’m elevating your soul frequency in all angles as much possible without getting any disturbance — making you gently to get enlightenment.

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