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From the Teachings of Sri Kaleshwar


Hundreds of millions years back the Mother gave the ancient divine spiritual knowledge. You cannot exactly identify when in the Kala Chakra. You can fix the clock so that today is Monday, tomorrow is Tuesday, now the time is 11 o’clock. But in Her creation, a second is enough to Her. That is everything. There is no beginning, there is no end. It is She who gave the knowledge and the divine souls who received it.

On this globe, the spiritual seed started in India with the supernatural saints who for thousands and thousands of years practiced powerful mantras and received the highest cosmic energy in their souls. They discovered the Vedas, the secret formula mantras, and energy angels. Each king, each village sacrificed their life to connect to God. They all recognized the cosmic energy. Now we are practically doing it again. If you see the ancient palm leaf books, you get a shock how much on the day they really dedicated their life and sacrificed their lives writing the information that is written in hundreds of thousands palm leaves books.


I read the Puranas. I read the Bible. I read the Vedas. I read all the traditional books. They didn’t make sense to me. Then I read the palm leaf books, then it made sense to me. The Bhagavad Gita, the Bible on one side. If you see the ancient palm leaves, they’re on the other side. They’re not matching. Thirty percent I read and got shocked. I was really shocked. Then I travelled as a researcher visiting whole of India.

It’s quite amazing, my spiritual journey, from Manasarovar all the way to Kanyakumari, to Bethlehem, and all the way to the Vatican. I was researching on the ancient power objects, aghoras, avadhuts, bhairavis, bhairavi yoginis, spiritual science and supernatural science healing techniques that were in the ancient manuscripts. I studied, I studied, I studied. My whole research, all my experiences, I’m putting in one cup and giving it to you. In a short way, in a quick way I’m giving it to you.

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