Self-healing technique from the ancient knowledge to wash out and heal heartbreak and pain from your life.




Every Thursday you may do the Neytra Darshini process with a picture of any master/divine soul (Shirdi Baba, Jesus, Sri Kaleshwar, etc) for a minimum of nine minutes.


This process is to wash out any heart pain. For example, heartbreak between master and student, wife and husband, child and parent. This process will also strengthen your connection to the master/divine soul you are connecting to.



  1. This process may be performed on any Guru Day (Thursday). It may also be done on a Full moon or New moon.
  2. Sit facing east with a candle in front of you. 
  3. Put a picture of the master’s energy you want to connect with - across from you so that you look THROUGH the flame.
  4. Use the Gayatri mantra, and chant silently looking through the flame into the Divine image’s eyes for minimum of nine minutes, or more (no maximum time limit). NOTE: If you have a personal mantra charged by Sri Kaleshwar you may use that in place of the Gayatri.
  5. It is not necessary to set any specific sankalpam (intention) to begin this process or before each session.
The Divine Soul knows very well what you need at the moment.

Diksha (Rules) For Any Day You are Doing This Process:

  • Pure vegetarian on days of the process. 
  • No alcohol on days of process. 
  • No smoking. "During that timing no smoke, and you should not see it. The cigarette should not touch your fingers. Not any smoke. No cigarettes."
  • No smoke during this process. Do not burn incense or any other smoke producing substances during this process.
  • It’s advisable to cry as less as possible. "No tears of grief should come out of your eyes for any reason in your life once the process starts."
  • No negative thoughts or words from now on. Be very careful. ‘‘Start the day with positive, lead the day with positive, end the day with positive.’’
  • Symptoms: "It may be very bumpy on day of process - body hot, headache, burning eyes, nausea/stomach symptoms, very irritable. OK, just stay quiet and let it run.”

To learn more about this and other powerful ancient knowledge techniques for self-healing, clarity and happiness, please go to Divine Lineage Online Soul University or email us.

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