by Kimberly Naujock, Ed.D. 

A mantra is a seed of divine energy.  Thousands of years ago, advanced spiritual teachings and mantras were written mostly in an ancient script of Telugu on manuscripts made of specially prepared palm leaves. These mantras are spiritual formulas to create happiness, health, abundance, and awaken our consciousness.

A mantra can be a single word, or more. Mantras from the ancient knowledge are prayers with extraordinary prana, life force, or creative energy.

We’re familiar with syllables being sounds that are building blocks of a language. Sounds are also the building blocks of creation. God manifests through divine sound, bijaksharas. These divine sounds, bijas, are the building blocks of the universe. Everything we see, and cannot see, is made of light and vibration from seed sounds. The earth, fire, sky, water, and air all composed of divine vibration. Our bodies are made of these seed sounds. Our soul is composed of these seed sounds.

Mantras from the ancient knowledge are made of bijaksharas. They unlock channels of energy for manifesting and bring what we’re holding in our consciousness, in our prayers and hearts, into being. They also help us release energy that is blocking us and keeping us from experiencing our true nature of love and inner peace.

One powerful single bijakshara we can use to help during times of stress is ham.


Technique using haṃ

హం  (The sounds ha + ṃ)

When you’re feeling negativity or uncertainty, simply pause for moment.  Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Repeat haṃ (pronounced hum, as in humming) silently or quietly to yourself for several minutes. You can also use haṃ while in the shower to release stress. This powerful bijakshara will cut negativity and bring calming relief in a few minutes. Try repeating haṃ when you feel anxiety, want to stop a negative thought pattern, or need relief from stress at least once every day for a month and see how you feel. This mantra is so good for your health, you will likely be humming a bright new tune.





Kimberly Naujock, Ed.D.

Kimberly is a Master Teacher and Healer (in training) working as a full-time volunteer staff member at the Divine Lineage Center. Kimberly began studying the ancient knowledge with Sri Kaleshwar in 2002, and traveled back and forth to India to study at Sri Kaleshwar's ashram in Penukonda for the next 10 years. Kimberly was certified by Sri Kaleshwar as a Sai Shakti Teacher & Healer, and she attended and graduated from Sri Kaleshwar’s Soul University in India in 2010. 





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  1. Hello Kimberly, What you say is so true. This simple word is quite powerful in its expression to flush negativity. I share with many people who ask for a way to relieve themselves of negativity they pick up daily and it's easy to hum "ham" while showering. It is one of the Divine Mother's powerful easy to use and so effective.

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