Excerpt from The Divine Mystery Fort by Sri Kaleshwar

This is the right time to give out the information. I will continue to give information even after I leave my body. Create in your heart a huge commitment to humbleness, completely surrender to the information. What I am teaching is like a university degree, a Ph.D. – different types of healing, different types of traditions. Each person, especially my students, is getting a hundred years meditation power. Some are getting 500 years. Some are getting a thousand years. In a matter of a couple years, they will win it. They got it already. Those types of incredible processes I’m doing with them.  

Once you start to chant the proper mantras, then a lot of messages start to flow in your heart and in your mind. You start to hear lots of supernatural things in your ears. You’re able to see a person’s pain, how much he has in his heart. Then you’re able to experience the cosmic energy. These developments grow day-by-day, not month-by-month. Day-by-day you can see your soul growing.

Don’t struggle by always researching the way to find happiness. Take it as simple and easy. Don’t be exhausted, with too much frustration, with too much worrying, with too much crazy thinking. “Maybe yes, maybe no.” Take it easy. Relax. Make relaxation into your normal process. Do it. You always have to follow your heart. Make your life happy. Your life is more important than making other people happy. If you are not happy, you can’t make people happy. No chance. When you are in the dark, you can’t show the light. 100%. Period. So, first be happy, and then make other people happy.

The world has to understand the truth. Every person has to understand that if you do certain processes, you will reach your destiny. Until you reach your destiny, you have to learn everything. Then follow your heart. There is no need to follow me, always saying, “Swami, what is this yantra, what is this mantra?” There is no need to make your life miserable, and no need to feel like it’s miserable. Go peacefully in your own simple way. It’s 100% necessary to follow your heart. If you ignore your heart, please don’t do spiritual practice. You’ll really go crazy. Period. Nobody can help you. Be peaceful and relaxed; then do it. If you don’t like it, stop it. Fine. Take different process if you like. Find the simple way and go.

Be positive, stay in the positive, enjoy in the positive. It’s very important that you have to be very strong. Feel, “I can get it. My master can help me. Shirdi Baba can help me. God will bring it to me. I can do it.”  When you have strong willpower even the angels have to appear and come in front of you. It is only possible with your willpower and strong determination. “I can do it. I will do it. It is possible for me to do it. Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami did it – why not me?” You have to create such feelings in you.


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