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Despite being the one thing assured all of us, our culture does not equip us to be present to death. And, yet, it is no less magical, mystical, and transformative than birth. The act of compassionately companioning the dying is rich with blessings unavailable elsewhere. In this podcast, you will learn simple but profound ways to be present at the bedside, to create a sacred space of passage which, in turn, will return unimaginable gifts of spirit to you.



Chris Hargrove

is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Sai Shakti Healer in private practice at Four Flames Healing in Asheville, NC. Chris has worked in behavioral health for over 20 years and spent 11 years in Hospice at the bedside where he learned first hand the blessings of being present to the dying and their loved ones. These lessons are enriched by nine years of direct study with Sri Kaleshwar and his revelations about the true mechanisms of healing grief, loss, and heartbreak Chris is available for in-person and remote Sai Shakti Healing sessions and counseling. To learn more please visit:




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