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Five Codebreakers, the Smiling Teacher, Me & You

by Gary Taylor


The Teacher said, “The ancients knew some things.”

These “things” worked

         for healing and enlightenment

and perhaps most importantly

         for how to have some happiness

         perhaps even fun

         on this journey of life.


They wrote it down in an ancient Indian language -


They wrote on palm leaves

         In the smallest - most elegant - most precise

         letters and words.


Still, as with many things, the palm leaves

         were neglected - some destroyed;

the language and meaning of words evolved,

         often at the expense of depth.

In time, humanity, forgot the treasure in our midst.


The Teacher said, “The ancients knew some things.”

The knowledge has been hiding

         in the palm leaves;

         in plain sight;

         in the code of ancient Telugu.

It has been waiting for serious students to  

         study the language in its historical context,

         help reveal the meaning in the code and

         bring the healing and enlightenment knowledge

                     to all.


The Teacher called for students to study the Telugu.

He called again and again - it was his “heartful” plea

         to learn the Telugu and unlock

         the treasure to serve all of humanity.

There are five students

(Alexandra, Candice, Isa, Kimberly and Trilia)

         dedicated to answering that call.

And the Teacher is smiling.


Like the Teacher, the five codebreakers are calling

me and you to help them in every way possible.

How we answer that call will help determine the speed

         and success of bringing the ancient knowledge to

         our modern world, so let us open our hearts with:

         “Whatever you need, if I can give it I will.”


But whatever our individual answers,

that we answer the call at all

         will certainly

         broaden the smile

                    on the Teacher’s face.


Gary Taylor

is a long time student of Sri Kaleshwar dedicated to helping to bring the ancient knowledge that exists in the Telugu language to help heal the planet as Sri Kaleshwar intended.  He is a Board Member of the Divine Lineage Healing Center and successful organizational consultant specializing in leadership development and team building.

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