From the Teachings of Sri Kaleshwar

A full audio of this teaching is available below from the Be the Light: Recieve God's Light Through the Fire conference call. Originally broadcast Dec, 17, 2016.


In India, people have been using the power of fire for thousands of years. The priests perform sacred fire rituals, called yagyas that specifically work to heal and give blessings. Throughout history, the emperors of India spent huge fortunes to have these fire ceremonies performed to protect their kingdoms from plagues, drought and enemies.
Since ancient times they have done fire ceremonies. Still it’s working, it’s continuing; millions of people are doing them. Every fire ceremony works for a human being. There are a lot of benefits they see. To do the fire ceremony, five to six priests sit around the fire purifying it. They send the person’s problem into the fire to wash it, to burn it, using Vedic mantras, prayers.
The Vedas are the oldest spiritual texts in India. They are prayer formulas of God that came from the meditations of the great rishis, the supernatural holy men. They contain powerful energy vibrations. The priests channel these mantras through specific deities, gods, and goddesses (energy forces) according to the specific problems. They continue chanting and chanting and chanting using ghee (clarified butter), flowers and fruits to feed Agni, the god energy of fire.
They put all the person’s karma in the fire, purifying it. That’s why they say:
Dipam jyothi Parabrahmam Parabrahmam jyothi dipam mayam dipam
prakasha vantum prakasha vantum prakasha vantum prakasha vantum
It means, it’s the dazzling light, the light of the dazzling. Through these mantras the priests are saying to the fire, “He is everywhere but I am foolish, see Him in a small fire. I am creating a small fire and I am offering all the karmas to Him. I am using some ghee, some flowers, some fruits. I am feeding Him. Right now, He is in the fire. He came in the fire. The fire has the huge capacity to burn anything. Whatever obstacles are around me, right now, I am sending them into the fire. I am helping this person, sending his karma into the fire. Oh God, I know you are here inside, in this fire, please help this person.” They say great things about God in front of the fire.
In previous days, if you did a fire ceremony to bring rain, the rain would come. That happened many, many times. It worked because of the strong faith people had on the fire. Still, it continues. A fire ceremony works to fulfill all desires. Today fire ceremonies are used for all purposes. They’re seeing a lot of benefits: curing of diseases, problem solving, bringing success in business, spiritual growth, mental strength, healing broken hearts, washing out depression and other forms of personal failure, or bringing happiness and prosperity to one’s property and family.
For example, a man does a fire ceremony for the purpose of making protection circles around his property for one hundred years. It works to give the highest protection against disease or tragedy for his family, his children, for the entire hundred years. The fire ceremony’s power is like that. How much time you want the request to last depends on the number of priests and the time they’re spending on the fire.
Fire ceremonies can also work over long distances. If one person asks to have a fire ceremony done, then wherever he lives in the world the fire purifies and the energy vibrations are sent to him. It works automatically to send him the highest positive energy. It’s like the highest radio dharmic (transmitting) energy. It can go anywhere; that is the power of fire.
If you have a lot of sicknesses, terrible family problems, tell all your problems, your unhappiness, your heart pain, and what you deeply want, tell everything to the fire. The fire will remove your problems. To receive a lot of high positive energy there is only one super high process, the fire ceremony. It takes away pain, it absolutely burns it. You will feel it. But you have to surrender with pure heart. It will really save your life, it will wash out all your pain.
Indirectly that’s why Shirdi Baba kept the fire burning in his Dwarkamai. He made a big order to make the fire there. Still it’s been burning, burning, burning for over 125 years. Baba simply sat in front of his dhuni (fire pit) continually purifying and purifying the negative energy of the people. He had huge commanding on the fire through his soul; huge energy. If a person came there, automatically that fire energy affected on their soul without their notice. It sucked their negativity. He cured diseases and illnesses by sitting in front of the fire, taking the smoke from the fire and blowing that smoke in the people’s faces. That smoke had the burning heat energy from the fire.

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