by Kirsten Thompson (Shakti)

Go to the website and watch on the map how people all over the world participate in the peace movement. On New Year’s Eve, they will sit by a fire with friends or light a candle and pray together in their spiritual tradition: “Let there be peace on Earth and love for one another.”

In this time of darkness, we should think and act positively together to create change. Bigger group fires are being offered in different locations. See on the website where you can join and please register so we can count your light.

Sponsors like Don Miguel Ruiz are joining this peace movement. He will also do a fire ceremony for peace with his group on New Year’s Eve by the Sun Pyramids in Teotihuacan, Mexico. People like Gangaji and others are putting their own peace message or video on the website. Grandfather William Commanda, Algonquin Elder and Spiritual Leader, from the Prophecy of the Seven Fire of the Anishnabe put the following message on the website: “If we choose the spiritual path, we can light yet another fire, an Eight Fire, and begin an extended period of peace and healthy growth.” Deepak Chopra tweeted the “Be the Light” peace message to all his followers.

And you can also find a “Pujas for Peace” page on Facebook with a lot of information. Please help us to spread the peace message and register your light on the web site. We can not underestimate the power of the fire element and the power of our unity that is coming when thousands and millions are connecting to the light and with our shared intention for peace.

The team of the Divine Lineage Healing Center of Laytonville would be happy if you join. If you are interested in putting up a peace message or video on our website please contact us. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with love, light, and peace.


Join the Peace Prayer on New Year’s Eve

Once again the Divine Lineage Healing Center would like to invite you to join on New Year’s Eve in the prayer: “Let there be peace on Earth and love for one another.” You can look up the details on our website You will see on a world map that in over 622 locations people will light a candle or have a bigger fire ceremony that you can join. Today a Youth Group from Englewood, Chicago registered. They will do a candlelight meditation. They work with at-risk youth ages 5 - 13 to enhance the well-being, spirit, and potential of the children. Let us all connect through the light and prayer together. Our wish for this coming New Year is for all of us to raise our awareness and treat people around us with love, respect, and huge kindness. We all can make a difference each day. Happy and peaceful New Year for everybody!

Kirsten Thompson (Shakti)

Kirsten Thomp­son (Shakti) began her stud­ies with Sri Kalesh­war in 2000 and served full- time at his ashram in Penukonda, India for many years. Fol­low­ing Sri Kaleshwar’s instruc­tions, she moved to the US to help man­age the Divine Lin­eage Heal­ing Cen­ter in Lay­tonville, CA and has been help­ing take care of the Cen­ter ever since. One of Kirsten’s many dharmic works is over­see­ing the Center’s char­i­ta­ble out­reach pro­grams in Men­do­cino County which pro­vide essen­tials for those in need within one of the poor­est coun­ties in Cal­i­for­nia.


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